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Top Caribbean Beaches for Chilling Out

These stunning sands are a must-see for anyone who lives by the motto “Life’s a Beach,” i.e. all of us! Take to one, or all, of these iridescently sun-splashed and…

ladies with drinks

4 Caribbean Cocktails You Need to Taste: Part 2

We’re off to the Caribbean again to sip our way around the islands. With so many paradises filled with bright tropical flavors, the Caribbean has been the birthplace for many…

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Bermuda Is All That and a Rum Swizzle

Gorgeous beaches less than a three-hour flight from most Eastern U.S. cities may be the top reason to head to Bermuda, but it definitely shouldn’t be the only one. The…

"Bermuda-ful" Horseshoe Bay Beach

Bermuda 101

The Beach Boys knew where to take their pretty mama, and can you blame them with the Bermuda Triangle? No, we’re not talking about the mysterious place in the ocean….

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Essential Photo Apps to Take On The Go

By Sarah John Afana  No longer are we expected to gather around to look at Uncle Harvey’s vacation slides at Sunday night dinner. Instead, we bombard our “friends” and “followers”…

Tidepools Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

#GOGOEats on Vacation in Hawaii, Bermuda, and Barbados

By Marketing Specialist Sarah John Afana Let’s admit it. On vacation all bets are off, and diets are out the window, so where do you go to indulge? It’s no…

Fairmont Hamilton Marina View. Bermuda.IMG_2272

What are you doing this weekend? Bermuda is Calling…

Bermuda is shorter than a two-hour flight from New York City, and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts want to be sure you see it all, so they’re giving you the third night…


Small Caribbean Islands

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