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The Hawaiian Food Journey: 7 Tastes to Remember

There are few things in life that can jolt memories as distinctly as the aromas and flavors of past meals savored. As a traveler in today’s celebrity chef obsessed generation,…


The Quintessential Paradise – Hawai`i

There’s paradise, and there’s Hawai`i, the quintessential paradise. A collection of eight islands, the Aloha State has been welcoming honeymooners and families alike for years with its unique attractions, from…

Twas the Night Before Holidays

‘Twas the Night Before – Travel Agent Edition

By Sarah John Afana   Twas the night before Christmas When Adam and spouse Were packed and ready To exit the house.   The luggage was stacked by the curb…


Rock the Holidays at Hard Rock Hotels

Rock the halls with boughs of holly and Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Angelina Ballerina at Hard Rock Hotels in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Punta Cana….

Sarah John Afana Hawaii

Hawaii’s Melting Pot of Flavors

By Ashley Colburn Hawaii has always been recognized for its beaches, mild climate, waterfalls, adventure, marine life, and so much more. My last trip to the island state brought an…


Conspiracy Sites: Chichén Itzá

By Sarah John Afana and Susie Reese   The Conspiracy Chichén Itzá was built by aliens. Background Chichén Itzá rises high over the green canopies of the northern region of the…


The New York Times Travel Show Review

On the Go Mag correspondent Sarah John Afana braved the pre-Snowmaggedon last Saturday to hit The New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York…

Merry Christmas Banner

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Twitter-Style

  So I, Copywriter Susie, was looking for ideas for a Christmas blog post last Friday, so I tweeted GOGO Vacations’ Social Media Guru Sarah John Afana and asked about her…


A Big City Christmas

Photos and Itinerary by Sarah John Afana Words by Susie Reese One the best places to go for Christmas is New York City. Just ask our marketing specialist, Sarah John Afana….

Camera apps

Essential Photo Apps to Take On The Go

By Sarah John Afana  No longer are we expected to gather around to look at Uncle Harvey’s vacation slides at Sunday night dinner. Instead, we bombard our “friends” and “followers”…