‘Twas the Night Before – Travel Agent Edition

Twas the Night Before Holidays

By Sarah John Afana


Twas the night before Christmas

When Adam and spouse

Were packed and ready

To exit the house.


The luggage was stacked by the curb with flare

In hopes that their driver

Soon would be there.


The children were dressed

In their best Christmas threads

While visions of sandcastles

Flashed in their heads.

Sand Trap


And dad in his favorite

Mets’ baseball cap

Was dreaming of missing

That dreaded sand trap.


When up drove the car

Puffing of smoke and making a ‘clatter

The family they jumped

To avoid the slush splatter.


Out leaped the driver

With a loud banging clash.

Car TrunkHe tore open the trunk

As they heard a big splash.


He reached for the bags

In a slow awkward show

Hoping that Dad would

Help with the stow.


The family they looked

At each other with fear

Needing a new ride for themselves

And their gear.

Dad Phone


Dad had his phone out

With a quick wrist flick.

They knew in a moment

He’d complete a slick trick.


He dialed his agent.

He knew her by name.

She’d always been helpful.

She’s a travel savvy dame.


He knew the instant.

He hung up the call.

Travel AgentShe’d take care of the details

No matter how small.


They and their luggage

Would arrive quick and dry

To the plane that would fly them

High in the sky.


The driver, he stood there

Catching a clue

And squealed away angry

Since his job here was through.


Santa on a Smart PhoneAnd then in an instant

They heard a light jingle,

Looked over the streets.

Could that be Kris Kringle?


It was a red sleigh

Weaving through trees

Swooped toward their house

Gliding with ease.


The white beard, the red coat

And red velvet sack

The reindeer, their hoofs

Tapping click clack.

New York Santa Holidays

The family they saw

It was truly St. Nick.

No impostor would do.

This was no silly gimmick.

Santa Laugh
He laughed with his belly.

He winked with a twinkle

And said that he heard

Their trip had a wrinkle.


The agent they called

Had set it in motion.

They had grand plans

For fun at the ocean.


St. Nick waved his arm

And invited them on.

In moments the family

Soon would be gone.



He gave a quick whistle

And yank of the reigns

The neighbors they looked

Through glossed window panes.


The family they flew

With St Nick in his sleigh

To enjoy their sunny

Beach holiday.


Luggage BeachBut they heard him exclaim

As he drove out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all

And to all a goodnight!”



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