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Bonfire Night London

The Lady of the Mountains, Mega Cakes, and Bonfires—Country Celebrations

Americans celebrate their independence day with barbecue, parades, and Old Glory, but how do other countries celebrate their birthday? Check out these five days of food trucks, Fjallkonan, and fireworks!…


7 Top LGBT-Friendly Urban Escapes

There’s a world out there to explore, but where do you start when booking a LGBT-friendly getaway? We contacted our Worldwide Traveler experts for the seven best destinations for LGBT travelers spanning Europe,…


A Royal Tour with Carolynn Robb and Back-Roads Touring

By Susie Reese There’s something about “royalty” that makes the stomach tingle with excitement. Tea and crumpets, the crown jewels, the elaborate spectacle of it all, and as Americans, we’re…


London Airspace Restricted Until Further Notice

Updated: 12/12/14 2:12 p.m. The Federal Aviation Administration said it sees no impact so far for U.S. flights bound for London. The city has told the FAA that the situation…


On Location: White Collar, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, and More!

By Susie Reese Creators and actors help to bring characters to life, but the location managers and scouts recreate reality and in some instances, even create the worlds of dreams….


U.S. to U.K. – WIN A TRIP!

You’ve watched Sherlock and the Harry Potter films. Even in high school, no doubt you enjoyed the works of THE Bard, and you’ve heard of the famed English breakfast. But…