5 Thrills You Can’t Leave the Lost City Without Trying

By Jen Lewallen

From the moment Atlantis rose from the sea and made its home on beautiful Paradise Island in the Bahamas, adventurers have been flocking to spend some time in the lost city. This innovative and awe-inspiring resort brings endless thrills and aquatic wonders to guests of every generation. With so much to keep you enthralled, we’ve found the five rare experiences you need to try before you leave.

Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis

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The remaining submerged ruins surrounding Atlantis’ Royal Tower reveal the secrets of the deep to spectators peering in from above and behind glass walls.  Don’t waste the opportunity to reveal the ocean’s true mysteries and jump in the 2.7 million-gallon Ruins Lagoon. You’ll be the guest of honor in the home of over 20,000 aquatic creatures. Make sure you wave at your most impressionable host, an enormous manta ray who’s as gentle as it is big.

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Ultimate Trainer For A Day

Atlantis’ 14 lagoons hold eight-million gallons of water, filled with over 50,000 marine animals. Do you think you have what it takes to care for them? Find out with the Ultimate Trainer for a Day program. Spend an action packed day training and swimming with dolphins, feeding sharks and rays, and learning from a team of expert biologists. By the end of the day you might be considering a career change.

Serpent Slide & Leap of Faith

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Water Parks always entail a good time, and Atlantis’ Aquaventure is no exception. But, how does sliding through shark-infested waters sound? Assumingly, pretty terrifying. On the contrary, Atlantis has managed to create a safe ride-of-a-lifetime that visitors repeatedly get back in line for. Step up to the Serpent Slide and relax as you twist and turn around every bend by inner tube, ending with a 360-degree scenic float through an acrylic tunnel with sharks swimming past everywhere you look. For those who dare for more, take the Leap of Faith and plunge down a vertical 60-foot drop, speeding through the shark tunnel so fast you won’t have time to feel fear.

Walk On the Ocean Floor

You can snorkel, scuba, and swim in the ocean, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to stroll along the sea floor? Atlantis has made it possible with amazing Sea Trek technology. Step into the cove where a trusted guide will help you put on a glass helmet that is connected by tube to continuous air. You’ll float to the bottom and take a few laps around the Shark Exhibit. Don’t worry, your new fin friends know you’re not food!

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Swim With the Dolphins

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Get in the water with the ocean’s most curious, intelligent, and fascinating creatures. Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay is the 14-acre home and rescue facility for a pod of friendly dolphins that can’t wait to swim with you. Guests of all ages and swimming strengths have the opportunity to interact with these sea creatures. Take a deep see swim and feel the power and speed of this animal as the pull and push you confidently through the waves. Or consider a laid back meet-and-greet in shallow water, where the dolphin will swim right up to where you stand. Whichever you choose, the opportunity to get up close and personal with these mammals can’t be missed.

Atlantis Resorts has created a surreal vacation experience for travelers ready to explore the lost city. Contact your travel agent to see all the amazing activities you can indulge in and book your Atlantis getaway today!