Re: The End of the Infamous Company Picnics


Company retreats are amazing. Even if you’re stuck at a table with that guy from accounting who pops his gum every five seconds, you’re still away from the office, and though you might be discussing business, you get to do so over gourmet meals with signature cocktails. Plus, you cannot beat that ocean view.

So how do you get the Big Wigs of your company to pick a great getaway for your next company retreat? We’ve drafted this super awesome memo to help your cause because nothing says “high importance” like a memo.

Date: [Date]

To: [Insert Executives for Company]

From: [Insert Your Name Here]

Re: The End of the Infamous Company Picnics


Hi from [insert your department here]!

Though we love the company picnics, happy hours, and office celebrations, there is nothing like a company getaway that really gets business done. In fact, sometimes that’s where the most important decisions are made—which marketing strategies will be implemented, which products will be introduced to our consumers, and who won for the best costume at the grand gala (that is serious business).

So here in the cubical maze, we’ve come up with the best destination for our next getaway—IBEROSTAR Resorts.

IBEROSTAR Resorts in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico offer elegant meeting rooms for every type of gathering—from private boardrooms for the executives to brainstorm next year’s strategies to large multi-functional spaces for awards’ nights and gala dinners. How about those working meals for last-minute changes to the keynote speech? IBEROSTAR has the perfect place.

Plus each “Star Meeting” has professional and state-of-the-art technology available, such as a projector, screen, laser pointer, sound equipment, soundboard, wireless microphones, TV and video equipment, laptop computers, and platforms. This way, not a minute of your speeches or presentations will be missed (IBEROSTAR’s coffee breaks help with that, too).

And if you book now, IBEROSTAR has great deals, like an eighth adult free, private check-in with complimentary welcome drink, upgrade for the group leader (See? We thought of you!), and a special amenity for a group leader (again, we like to make sure you’re happy, too!). Groups also receive 20% off spa services because you know what they say about all work and no play.

Speaking of play—IBEROSTAR Resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico have spectacular facilities, meaning no water cooler meetings. We can meet in the activity pool with a lazy river or swim up to the aqua bar (Rose Hall Suites). We can hit a round of golf at the Playa Paraiso Golf Club (Paraíso Lindo) or challenge the different departments to a beach volleyball tournament (Quetzal). Perhaps we can all meet for a working lunch in one of the specialty restaurants as IBEROSTAR Hotels and Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean are all-inclusive, serving savory dishes at à la carte restaurants, bountiful buffets, and special events, like barbecues, cocktail hours, and gala events (though we suggest a beach party or a pool party. IBEROSTAR can arrange it!)

If you’re planning to bring the entire company, check out IBEROSTAR’s Playa Paraíso Convention Center near Riviera Maya, Mexico with more than 4,500 square feet of meeting space, a capacity of up to 1,200 people, and several set-ups, including theater, classroom, boardroom, banquet, and cocktail reception.

So let’s get our business on! Book our company getaway to IBEROSTAR in Jamaica, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic, and you’ll be employer of the year. (We’ll even get you the mug!)

* We have no idea if this memo will really help your chances of getting a beachfront getaway for your next company retreat, but we figure it can’t hurt. And if your executives do book you at IBEROSTAR Resorts, it’s only common courtesy to get them “World’s Best Boss” mugs.  


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