Group Meetings at Oasis: Anything But Business as Usual

A boring meeting in a stuffy conference room—there has to be a better way! Savvy businesses know that the best way to inspire the team to new levels of creativity and productivity is to change up the environment. That could be as simple as leaving the four walls of the office behind and holding meetings at a coffee shop or a hot new restaurant. Oasis Hotels & Resorts, however, like to challenge business leaders to make their important conference and executive board retreats truly memorable by taking them to the next level and offering a beautiful beachfront business meeting place.

Oasis Cancun Overview

An improvement on the traditional boardroom, wouldn’t you say?

Whether the gathering is a big group or just a few key executives, Oasis Hotels & Resorts can offer a selection of properties that are perfect for any size business gatherings in the Cancun-Riviera Maya area. Large groups are a breeze: the Grand Oasis Cancun and The Pyramid at Grand Oasis, which opened this April, have more than 1,700 rooms. And smaller groups can be accommodated in cozy work areas with plenty of amenities. Picture the Pyramid at Grand Oasis, where groups can spread out in seven meeting spaces, ranging from junior to main ballrooms, and there’s access to ample breakout rooms that accommodate up to 2,300 guests.

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Large scale affair? The multipurpose 6,458 square-foot Oasis Arena is the perfect location for every event, from black-tie dinners to casual conventions, and they can help out with anything the group requires, from concerts to award presentations. What’s more, Oasis has the business amenities executives can’t do without: Wi-Fi service, audiovisual and computer equipment rentals, fax service, bookbinding, secretarial and video-conference capabilities.

Oasis Groups Collage

Large or small, Oasis Hotels & Resorts have the perfect setting for groups of any size.

You know what they say about all work and no play! Oasis Resorts are also known as the entertainment resorts, and with eight all-inclusive hotels, your group can focus on the tasks at hand, then blow off steam and build valuable connections on the lively Cancun strip. Fine dining and world-class entertainment are literally at your doorstep, because Oasis is renowned for the quality and variety of its restaurants, from formal gourmet food that’s a gastronomic delight to simple, delicious fare that’s sure to be a hit with the meat-and-potatoes crowd. Oasis even offers a variety of performances to help everyone relax and enjoy after business hours. Grand Oasis Cancun alone has more than 120 in-house performers ready to surprise and delight everyone on the team—and nothing bonds the department like letting off steam on the dance floor.

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Oasis Golf

Score that important deal on the golf course at Oasis!

Sometimes a little luxury is in order, and there’s nothing quite as impressive as The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. Adjacent to The Grand Oasis in Cancun, the Pyramid offers a world of wonderful perks, including complimentary Wi-Fi, the lavish Kin Ha Spa, and 29 restaurants and 23 bars to savor, some exclusive to The Pyramid guests.

And because some of the best business decisions are made on the golf course, the Pyramid boasts an exclusive, 9-hole, par-3 course. It’s the perfect place to talk business, just as the largest beach frontage in Cancun is the perfect place to unwind after a long day in the office or board room. The clean white sand and refreshing Caribbean surf are truly the highlight of the ultimate business trip.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts Beach

You know what they say about all work and no play.

Can’t decide which is best to stay? Enjoy the diversity of Oasis Hotels’ Runaway Program and give the group access to all eight Oasis properties when staying at the Pyramid. The Runaway Program is available at all resorts with access based on the brand contract, so groups can separate business and pleasure. Stay at The Pyramid and hold meetings at nearby Oasis Tulum or Oasis Palm—it’s all up to you.

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Forget about business as usual: Oasis loves groups, and all groups adore doing business at Oasis! And remember. Oasis Hotels & Resorts welcomes not just business parties but also bachelor/bachelorette gatherings, weddings, family reunions, and more!


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