Discover the Old West in SoCal

SoCal is a hotbed of theme park entertainment, and one of its major attractions is Knott’s Berry Farm. What started as a stand to sell berries and a restaurant to serve fried chicken evolved into a world-class resort with family attractions, thrill rides, and an Old West village. This year, Knott’s Berry Farm invites you to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town with new adventures and experiences.


75 Years in the Making

Ghost Town was originally built to provide entertainment for guests waiting to be seated for Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken dinner, and now it’s the heart of the theme park with a sheriff’s office, a barber shop, and working stables. With the new Ghost Town Alive! celebration, you’ll be transported to the Old West where the former “peek-in” attractions have transformed into the authentic working shops.

Walk inside the sheriff’s office to see an underhanded poker game, or talk to the barber to learn all of Ghost Town’s gossip. Meet some unscrupulous men on the run from the law, and decide if you’ll join their pack or the lawmen on the hunt for these dastardly criminals. Better be careful, or you might find your picture on a “Wanted” poster this summer.


Serving Fried Chicken Since 1941

Walter & Cordelia Knott

Walter & Cordelia Knott

Of course, you’ll need to taste the famous fried chicken that led to the creation of Ghost Town and ultimately the theme park, and Mrs. Knott’s restaurant has been fully refurbished for this milestone. The main dining room now resembles Mrs. Knott’s kitchen pantry, complete with potbelly stove, while the other two indoor dining rooms are designed with a farmhouse motif in mind. We recommend dining in the new outdoor seating area with views of the Marketplace fountain, Ghost Town, and GhostRider. (Also make sure to check out the restaurant’s new full service bar!)

While a new welcome lobby area provides more comfort, you can also give your cell phone number to the host, who will text you when your table is ready! So instead of “waiting” for your table, explore Marketplace and all it has to offer while your host sets your table.


Ride the Old West

Yee-haw! Ride the Old West on the longest, fastest, and tallest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast, and to celebrate Ghost Town’s 75th anniversary, GhostRider received a complete restoration, including 4,533 feet of retracking and new mine-car trains. Even better, the mid-course brake run has been removed, meaning your thrill ride won’t end from the moment you begin the ascent to the 108-foot drop.

GhostRider is a must-ride attraction for more than just the thrills. It was also the last attraction in the park commissioned by the Knott’s Family and is a two-minute memory of their love of the Old West.

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Fast Lane Passes

Knott's Berry Farm

Beyond Ghost Town, Knott’s Berry Farm a variety of attractions, including heart-pounding thrills, family-friendly rides, and exciting adventures. To skip the lines at the park’s top 12 attractions, grab a Fast Lane Pass. This wristband (for an extra fee) give unlimited, swift access to the rides, so if you love the Pony Express, grab the reins three, four, five times in a row. Or if you love the feeling of your heart flying into your throat within 2.3 seconds on Xcelerator, then grab this pass for day of seamless fun and thrills.


Don’t miss out on experiencing the Old West and the brand-new GhostRider experience this summer at Knott’s Berry Farm. Book your last-minute escape to the West Coast now at your local travel agent!