Start Your Journey

WomanThe journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. –Chinese Proverb

The world is Mount Everest. Some people long to conquer it simply because it’s “there,” but prior to working at GOGO Vacations and Worldwide Traveler, I had no such need. I traveled around the United States, content to see the monolithic structures of New York City and Washington or the historic sites of Williamsburg or Boston. Now, after seeing the fantastic views from my computer screen, I am a warrior, ready to take on the world and explore it with my own senses.

Scrolling through the Twitter feed today, I came across the National Geographic most popular pictures from January 2014, and my “must visit” list grew three names longer. My warrior blood beckons me to start my journey, and after seeing the stunning stills below, hopefully you’ll start yours, too.

Travel 365: Best of January 2014

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