Living in the Moment on the Island of Maui

When was the last time you had a moment to yourself? A moment to hear yourself think? To eat slow food slowly rather than fast food fast? To take a breath, watch the sun rise? Or set? Or both? Chances are it’s been awhile. In which case, we suggest you make a beeline for the Hawaiian Islands; where time slows, stretches, and invites you to live in the moment.

Green-flanked mountains slope toward the sparkling seas, waterfalls splash into refreshing pools, and deep valleys offer a taste of history and adventure on the Island of Maui. Inhale the delicious Island air and feel the relaxation begin. Luxury resorts, sparkling boutiques, and five-star dining share the landscape with charming small towns, neighboring Islands, and pristine beaches. Rising above Maui’s coastal beauty, scenic Haleakala greets the sun each morning. Follow the winding road to Hana. Learn the magic of Iao Valley. Indulge in the delectable flavors of fusion cuisine and local specialties. Sail into an amazing sunset. Be spontaneous: you’re on Maui!


See all of Maui’s breathtaking sights in the slideshow below!

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