Imagine Absolute Relaxation at Spa Imagine!

Spa Imagine’s mission is to help guests achieve their beauty and wellness goals through personalized spa therapies focused on the body, mind, and spirit. On the 15th floor of the luxurious Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, the spa crafts a serene, pristine environment for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with exceptional facilities and unspoiled 360-degree views of Banderas Bay and lush rainforest. We spoke with Rosa Gonzalez, Spa Director, about Spa Imagine’s journey to sensual harmony.

Spa Imagine Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

Imagine a 15th floor paradise where Banderas Bay is your backdrop and exquisite treatments are your pleasure.


Why is the spa called Spa Imagine?

Spa Imagine’s name reflects Hotel Mousai’s commitment to inspiring wholesome experiences and overall well-being, referencing the imagination, creativity as well as image. Just as the name Hotel Mousai alludes to the muses of Greek mythology, who were the goddess of the arts and creativity, Spa Imagine is like the fountain of inspiration at the hotel. We wanted to create a healing space where creativity and inspiration could flow within a relaxing and safe environment, harnessing the power of our imagination to meet our body and beauty goals.

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Spa Imagine prides itself on unique experiences tailored to each individual guest. How do you achieve this level of personalization?

Spa Imagine Lobby

Enter a world personalized to your tastes, desires, and wellness at Spa Imagine!

Honoring the individuality of our guests, we seek to make the experience of everyone who enters our spa as unique as they are. Firstly, we offer a one-to-one talk with our Spa Imagine specialists or myself so that we can identify the ways to tailor the spa experience to the specific needs and desires of each person.

We also have specific customized services such as the Chakra Balancing Ritual which follows a brief interview to pinpoint which of the energy centers may be out of alignment, tailoring the therapy accordingly. Likewise, we have a range of special “feel good” tea blends with various mood enhancers which are recommended depending on you chakra alignment.

For active living individuals who want to keep their healthy diet during their vacation, Spa Imagine’s Healthy Menu provides alternative dishes to those offered in the hotel’s gourmet restaurants, which include super foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and are free of any common allergens.


What is unique about your spa that makes it a must-visit destination in Puerto Vallarta?

The views at Spa Imagine are unrivaled – there is simply no comparison. We are located on the 15th floor, overlooking stunning vistas of the whole of Banderas Bay as well as the mountains with their lush tropical palms. During the day, the spa is bathed in natural light, which makes the experience revitalizing and heavenly, while during sunset and at night, the spa becomes a magical cocoon with a warm palette of colors. It really is incredible.

We also offer cutting-edge installations, with one of the most complete hydrotherapy circuits in Puerto Vallarta, not to mention the best professional therapists and a complete beauty salon with the a range of prettifying and image enhancing services.


What is the most popular treatment at the spa?

Spa Imagine Treatment Room

Private treatment rooms allow you to be revitalized with attentive service and extreme relaxation.

Our most popular treatment at Spa Imagine is the Chakra Balancing Ritual. This ritual promotes harmony by balancing the energy centers of the body known as Chakras.

The therapist carefully selects three essential oils depending on the results of a short personalized test to ensure your energetic alignment.

The first essential oil will be used for a customized scrub to stimulated the full body with an exfoliation. With the second oil, you will experience a heavenly massage from top to toe, and last but not least a full body misting with the third essential oil. To finish, your therapist will use gemstones in a ritual to balance each chakra.”


What spa treatments do you recommend for moms visiting? And dads?

We have lots of different pampering treatments perfect for moms who need and deserve to be spoiled but our Top to Toe Dazzle Package is particularly ideal for moms. This package combines different treatments focused on relieving stress and bring out your natural beauty, including a relaxing massage to release any stress accumulated in the body, followed by a facial to encourage an appealing glow and firmness in the skin, closing with a body paste, manicure and pedicure. This package is also suitable for future moms, customizing the massage and facial accordingly.

There is also plenty of chance for dads to be pampered at Spa Imagine, with a specialized range of “gents” treatments as well as a tailored package: Spa Ritual for Gents. In this two-hour ritual, they will feel like new and adopt a distinctive glow after either a deep tissue or sports massage, a mini-facial followed by a sports pedicure.

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Spa Imagine Couple's Suite

Experience a level of serenity with your loved one with couple’s treatments in ocean view suites.


Do you have any events coming up at the spa?

This year, during the whole month of June, Spa Imagine will launch as a luxury wellness destination, offering guests a one-week total-immersion getaway. Guests seeking mindful experiences can expect healthy whole-foods, stress relief, active living and heart pumping activities, yoga, daily use of our hydrotherapy circuit, chakra alignment tests and detox treatments as well as soothing support and constant inspiration. From fitness and healthy cuisine, to de-stressing and inner peace, our wellness week is set to ignite the senses and revitalize our guests.


Is there anything else you’d like me to know about your spa and its experience?

As mentioned before, at Spa Imagine we seek to provide a personalized service that attends directly to your specific needs in the most professional manner possible. Our hope is to guarantee an unforgettable experience, which is why we firmly recommend that our guests follow the expert recommendations of our Spa specialists.


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