Discover the Pura Vida at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo

In the United States, we are blessed and cursed with space. After traveling five hours by car from the GOGO Vacations’ headquarters, I find myself in Washington D.C. In Europe, after traveling five hours, I can be three countries away, speaking a new language (if I could speak another language adequately) and discovering fascinating cultures. Though we’re a country immersed with enriching culture and diverse customs, traveling to Washington isn’t the same as traveling abroad. So if you’re going to travel five hours, take a flight to Costa Rica and enjoy the “Pura Vida.”


“Pura Vida” is Costa Rica’s mantra, literarily meaning “pure life,” but the phrase can also mean “full of life,” “This is living!,” or even “doing great.” It can be a greeting or a farewell as well as “thank you” or an affirmation, and Pura Vida is perfectly embodied in the lovely Andaz Peninsula Papagayo, a new beach paradise that opened in December 2013.


Designed by native Costa Rican architect Ronald Zurcher, the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo captures the native essence of people living harmoniously with nature. Two powdery beaches and luscious forest provide a welcome, natural backdrop, and the hotel also hosts 15 works of world-renowned local artist Salvador Odrec to showcase the Costa Rican style and culture.

An intimate resort of 153 tastefully appointed rooms and suites, nine treatment rooms, two multiple cascading outdoor infinity pools, and close proximity to the Papagayo marina, the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo is a journey into tranquility and relaxation. Or perhaps you want excitement! Zoom through tree canopies (and monkeys!) on a zip-line or brave the dramatic slopes of a volcano.

If you’re looking to explore the more delectable side of Costa Rica with its Spanish, Native American, and African influences, the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo has three unique eateries that mix fresh and local ingredients with global sophistication. Try Rio Bhongo Restaurant for a farmer’s market with culinary appreciation, or enjoy the company of a loved one at the romantic Ostra Restaurant. At Chao, you’ll dine among the lavish Guanacaste landscape with appetizer offerings and exquisite drinks. Soak up the refreshing atmosphere from your own balcony with 24-hour room service.

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