On the Go Extra: Away We Go with Comic Writer Kyle Higgins!


On the Go recently interview Comic Writer and New York Times Best-Selling Author Kyle Higgins. Now read Kyle’s travel favorites, which include destinations Orlando, the United Kingdom, and California!

Favorite type of vacation: Adventure or relaxation?

Depends on how bad my deadlines are. (laughs) I’d probably go with relaxation just because I haven’t had a relaxing vacation in three years. The idea of a vacation where I didn’t have to do anything is really, really appealing to me right now. I don’t know if I’ll get any time in the next year or two, but the idea of it sounds awesome. Even just two weeks with nothing to do and being alone in my apartment with my roommates gone would be awesome. I would settle for that.

Best vacations you’ve ever had?

I’d probably go with—going to Disney World for New Year’s Eve when the calendar changed over from 1999 to 2000. My family and I stayed in Orlando for a week. I got to go the Marvel Super Hero Island of Adventure, which was pretty amazing, and also counted down the New Year in Epcot.


Kerwan’s Lane, Galway City, Ireland

I also would list a cross country trip that my family and I took out west through Colorado, through the Dakotas, which was pretty cool.

Also, Ireland back in 2005. I went out to Dublin and then Belfast for about two weeks to visit family, which was the first time I was out of the country, which was pretty amazing.

Dream vacation destination?

I really want to take a trip through Europe.


Favorite hotel?

That’s a tough one. I guess the Hilton Bayfront down in San Diego. I stayed there once for San Diego Comic Con. It was pretty bad ass.

Favorite restaurants/dish?

I’m a huge pizza guy. There are many fancier dishes than deep dish pizza, but there aren’t many as deep. (laughs)

Favorite vacation drink?

There was a drink I had in Brazil. The Caipirinha. [Editor’s Note: a drink made from cachaça, rum, sugar, and lime]


The Caipirinha, native drink of Brazil

I like spending time on the beach, but I don’t know that I have a favorite activity. Anything that involves eating, alcohol, and sunshine. (laughs)

Pool or Beach?

It depends on the pool and depends on the beach. Some sort of tropical beach would be better than the beach in L.A. In L.A., I’d probably go pool, but down in Florida, I’d go beach.

Socks or no socks with sandals?

No socks.

Is Chicago-style pizza really better than New York-style? (We’re based in Jersey.)

It is. For me. I’m a total sugar addict, so all the extra bread is fantastic. But I will say my favorite type of deep-dish pizza is from Pizzeria Uno. They put cornmeal in the crust, so it’s not as bready as you’d think.

Interview Extra:

Your hometown of Chicago is the setting for C.O.W.L. and has been the setting for recent issues of Nightwing. How much of your travels do you incorporate into your work?

I’ve got another book coming up that hasn’t been announced yet, but there are some elements that take place in Brazil. That was another part of the draw for me to go down to Rio this past November. It was just to be there in person. I definitely try to pull reference from places I’ve been.

Where will your next con appearance be?

After July, New York Comic Con.

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