Our 7 Favorite Caribbean Wonders

Though the Caribbean might be known for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, these islands are also full-fledged wonders.

The Blue Holes of the Bahamas


These deep blue holes create a striking contrast in color with their surroundings, oftentimes with the bright-colored turquoise water the Caribbean is known for. Mixed with the beautiful Caribbean landscape of the Bahamas, the enchanting blue holes look almost otherworldly. The natural caverns can be found deep in forests, just off the beach, or on isolated cays. Most famous of them all is Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s deepest at 663 feet, enclosed by stunning natural rocks, a gorgeous lagoon, and white sand beach.

Colonial Santo Domingo


There’s something deeply fascinating about this Caribbean city, the oldest European settlement in the New World. Modern Santo Domingo is a bustling, vibrant capital with dining, shopping, and a thriving nightlife. The Colonial Zone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a full historical wonder, featuring landmarks like Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, the oldest cathedral in the New World, and Alcazar de Colon, built under order from Christopher Columbus’s son. A must-see for history buffs.

The Atlantic-Carved Coasts of Barbados


North Point, Barbados

As the easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados faces the vast Atlantic Ocean creating striking views from coastlines carved out from stronger Atlantic waves. The west coast is more like what you imagine a Caribbean island paradise to look like – peaceful, warm, calm waters. But on the north coast and the east, discover dramatic cliffs, stunning caves, and beaches.

Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico

Enjoy a kayak ride along glistening blue water. Glide along as a stunning neon-blue trail is emitted by micro-organisms making for an astonishing lightshow. Truly awe-inspiring – and, frankly, hard to believe even in person – it’s an astonishing experience at night with darkness all around you. Puerto Rico boasts several bioluminescent bays and the favorite is definitely Mosquito Bay, located on the island of Vieques just off the east coast of the main island of Puerto Rico.

The Desert of Aruba

Ayo Rock, Aruba

One part perfect beach destination, one part desert wonderland – Aruba boasts incredible desert landscapes that are ideal for an ATV adventure. The rock landscapes and cactus-covered hillsides might make you forget you’re in the Caribbean. Go from your all-inclusive haven and into the depths of pure desert terrain, sitting below constant 82-degree sunny weather.

The Pitons, St. Lucia

Jalousie Beach, St. Lucia

Jalousie Beach, St. Lucia

These towering volcanic peaks are mesmerizing. Nearby some of the Caribbean’s finest resorts, these wonders reach 2,400 feet. Rising above St. Lucia’s stunning landscapes and the lush rainforest, the Pitons are an incredibly unique backdrop on your tropical getaway.

Curaçao’s Capital Willemstad

Willemstad, Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao

Past the beautiful beaches and wide range of outdoor activities both on land and in the water, you’ll find Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This capital city has a heavy Dutch influence on its architecture, creating a Caribbean pastel version of the Netherlands. The port city boasts excellent shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, but it’s the incredibly unique Dutch-style buildings that make Willemstad a true must-see.

Tropical weather, white sand beaches, endless sunshine, and wonders galore. There’s way more to the Caribbean than just paradise. Contact your travel agent to get started on your adventure into the wonderful Caribbean.