Favorite Spa Experiences for Mom and Dad

Moms and dads enjoy the gift of relaxation for their special days, and with specialized treatments, the folks can either enjoy a spa day or exhale during a couples treatment. Below, we highlight the very best in spa experiences with three award-winning facilities.


Anara Spa, Grand Hyatt Kaua`i Resort & Spa, Hawaii

Anara Spa Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & SpaBy Expert Jessica Reid, Assistant Spa Director

Unique Experience: Anara Spa weaves traditional healing customs to inspire lokahi—unity, harmony, and balance—and lokahi has layers of meaning that cannot be fully understood until they are felt. At the soul level, we all have an understanding of lokahi, regardless of where we come from or what language we speak. We are able to achieve this through a combination of a great team that truly understands and believes in lokahi and a location that naturally creates the perfect setting.

Treatment Menu: The treatment menu was designed with a return to nature and focus on the inspiration of traditional Hawaiian healing. Our team is encouraged to give each guest an authentic, customizable Hawaiian experience.

Top Treatments: We have the pleasure of being one of the top destinations for honeymooners, so our couple’s treatments are the most popular. Two of these treatments are our Pilialoha (Romance) Journey, and Kaua`i Ku`uipo (Lovers) Escape. Both transpire in our Lokahi Garden and ensure that we focus on the couple’s time together.

Couple’s Treatments: The Kaua`i Clay Escape can be done separately or together as a couple. The treatment begins with a light dusting of the local `awa root, used to ease anxiety and insomnia, which is massaged into the body with Pohaku (stone). Then a nutrient enriched mask of volcanic clay is applied with a warm herbal wrap to follow. The guest will then shower in their own private lava rock rain shower within the gardens and finish with a soothing massage of our local botanical lotion.

Nature’s Treatment Rooms: Our Lokahi Garden makes us unique and a must-visit. When the original architects, Wimberly Allison Tong and Goo, were engaged in designing the expansion, it was clear that their vision was to make the most amazing spaces to receive a treatment. They were able to capture this by creating five hale (house or building) with private rain showers and baths in this outdoor setting. They built the rooms to surround a centralized waterfall, so no matter where you are, you’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

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Spa Avania, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale, Ariz.

By Expert Angee Smithee, Spa Director

Unique Experience: Spa Avania’s concept is based on the science of time. Each detail in the spa has been choreographed to the time of day and to the body’s natural biorhythms. This resonates throughout the entire spa journey. The elements in the spa change, such as the music styling and food selections. In the morning, the music has more beats per minute, gradually slowing down towards the end of day. Also, our water is infused with lime and orange, perfect awakening properties. After lunch, the infusion is changed to mint and ginger, which have properties for aiding digestion. In the evening, melon and cucumber are infused for their relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Treatment Menu: The treatment offerings remain the same throughout the day, but many of the products and treatment protocols change with the time of day. There are morning, mid-day, and evening oils that energize, balance, and quiet; each complementing a specific treatment. Morning is about rejuvenation, midday balance, and evening relaxation.

Top Treatments: We have our traditional Avania message, which is our signature massage. In my 18-year experience, massage is always the number one treatment. As many cool things as you put on the menu, people always gravitate toward massage.

Mom’s Treatments: We have a specific mother-to-be massage that is fantastic. We have a beautiful body pillow that makes it very comfortable for them.

Dad’s Treatments: Men like the deep tissue and sports massages. As we head toward Father’s Day, we will be adding some fun treatments like a bourbon pedicure. We also feature a complete men’s facial line.

The Grape Escape: Because our spa is a freestanding building adjacent to the resort, we invite guests to join us for a glass of wine, meet our staff and tour our beautiful spa. Once we show our guests Spa Avania and its many amenities, it sells itself!



Spa Imagine, Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta

By Expert Rosa Gonzalez, Spa Director

Unique Experience: We are located on the 15th floor, overlooking stunning vistas of Banderas Bay as well as the mountains with their lush tropical palms. During the day, the spa is bathed in natural light, which makes the experience revitalizing and heavenly, while during sunset and at night, the spa becomes a magical cocoon with a warm palette of colors.

Treatment Menu: We have specific customized services such as the Chakra Balancing Ritual which follows a brief interview to pinpoint which of the energy centers may be out of alignment, tailoring the therapy accordingly.

Top Treatments: The Chakra Balancing Ritual promotes harmony by balancing the energy centers of the body known as Chakras. The therapist carefully selects three essential oils depending on the results of a short personalized test to ensure your energetic alignment. The first essential oil will be used for a customized scrub, which will stimulate the full body with an exfoliation. With the second oil, you will experience a heavenly massage from top to toe, and finally, a full body misting with the third essential oil. To finish, your therapist will use gemstones in a ritual to balance each chakra.

Mom’s Treatments: Our Top to Toe Dazzle Package is particularly ideal for moms. This package focuses on relieving stress and bringing out your natural beauty with a relaxing massage to release any stress accumulated in the body, followed by a facial to encourage an appealing glow and firmness of the skin, closing with a body paste, manicure, and pedicure.

Dad’s Treatments: Dads are pampered with a specialized range of “gents” treatments as well as a tailored package: Spa Ritual for Gents. In this two-hour ritual, they will adopt a distinctive glow after either a deep tissue or sports massage, a mini-facial followed by a sports pedicure.

Total Immersion: During June, Spa Imagine will launch as a luxury wellness destination, offering guests a one-week total-immersion getaway. Guests seeking mindful experiences can expect healthy whole-foods, stress relief, active living and heart pumping activities, yoga, daily use of our hydrotherapy circuit, chakra alignment tests and detox treatments as well as soothing support and constant inspiration. From fitness and healthy cuisine, to de-stressing and inner peace, our wellness week is set to ignite the senses and revitalize our guests.

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