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Mont St Michel

Taking the Back Roads from London to Paris

Getting the “local experience” and immersing yourself in your destination — this is the ultimate goal of many modern travelers who want to go beyond the popular tourist attractions and…

Social Media

Expert Tips: How Agents Survive in a Tech-Savvy World

Travel is an ever-changing industry, and since the introduction of social media and online booking engines, the traditional travel agency has evolved from a brick and mortar store front to…


Expert Tips: Navigating Group Airfare

Booking airfare can be surprisingly difficult with different levels of service, cancellation penalties, and favorite airlines. Now take that booking and add 10 people, and you have yourself a real challenge….

Mount Cook and Pukaki Lake

Expert Tips: You Can Grow Your Business Booking Exotic Destinations; Here’s How

Exotic destinations are growing in popularity year by year with almost a tenth of the world’s population heading to the South Pacific in 2015, but booking exotic destinations can be…

travel agents

Expert Tips: Top Challenges Agents Face in the Modern World

In this world of technology, innovation, and luxury, travel has become an ever-changing industry, and adapting to its changes, while challenging, can be profitable for agents. So we asked our travel…


Expert Tips: How to Navigate All-Inclusive Inclusions

All-inclusive resorts are some of the most popular properties in the Caribbean and Mexico, but not all of these getaways offer the same inclusions, the same dining options, or the same…


Expert Tips: How Agents Handle Errors When They’re Not At Fault

Errors can occur in every step of the booking process – from the hotel to the airline to the transfers and even issues with some tickets. For the agent, this…


Expert Tips: Quality Questions to Ask Every Client

A travel agent is the ultimate matchmaker, pairing clients with their perfect destination. If clients enjoy their vacation/holiday, then they’ll be more likely to not only return to that destination,…


Expert tips: Booking the Maldives, where everyone is royalty

The Maldives is the quintessential luxurious getaway with more five-star resorts per capital than any other place in the world. Although they’ve been settled for about 2,000 years, the Maldive…

Costa Rica Dreams Las Mareas

Expert tips: How not to get burned by hot destinations

Compiled by Susie Reese Just because a destination is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. And even when booking the hottest and most well-known destinations, there are still some tips…