Mexico’s 4 Foodie Destinations

Mexican cuisine is known for its bold flavors and range of ingredients. If you’re in search of authentic Mexican dishes, head south of the border towards these favored foodie destinations.

Los Cabos

The Baja Peninsula’s claim to culinary fame lies in the bounty of its surrounding seas. Fish tacos were invented in this area and as a vacationer’s paradise, Los Cabos boasts numerous restaurants for savoring this delectable dish.


This favorite destination serves up a delicious local cuisine, such as sopa de lima (lime soup), pibil (slow roasted chicken or pork wrapped in banana leaves), and tamales (flavorful masa wrapped and steamed in dried corn husks).

Riviera Maya

This serene, beachside resort area is known for its all-inclusive gems, and one of the many benefits of the sea being right outside your room is the fresh seafood that’s caught and prepared fresh daily. Make sure to give the ceviche a taste.

Puerto Vallarta

Throwback some tequila when you’re in its birth country, and the best place is right here, along Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Take a day tour from Puerto Vallarta to the Blue Agave fields, followed by an authentic tequila tasting.

Ready to treat your taste buds? Speak to your travel agent about a vacation to Mexico.