Top 10 Experiences: South Pacific

By Jed Hauck

After you’ve pinched yourself several times and come to the realization that you’ve woken up in the planet’s most sublime and most provocative islands…you can safely say “This is South Pacific.”

South Pacific Moorea beach

Indulge in the natural allure of Moorea in the South Pacific.

Beyond the Imagination

The South Pacific islands are as naturally diverse as the Tahitian cultured pearl. Uncover a spellbinding canvas of thatched roof bungalows with glass-bottomed floors, perched on Tiffany-blue waters inspiring a peaceful awakening of the senses.


Get South Pacific!

Each group of islands offers distinctive slices of paradise.  But there is certainly one thing you can be sure to expect when visiting any of the islands in the South Pacific—authentic smiles, friendliness, and some of the best beaches in the world!

Find your “Wilson” in Monuriki Island-the island where Cast Away was filmed starring Tom Hanks.


Experience Atoll

French Polynesia, Fiji, or the Cook Islands define  relaxation and the perfect escape where  white sands, jagged mountains wreathed in green, and ocean waters in shades of blue that haven’t even been named yet…

Tahiti pineapple plantations South Pacific

Visit one of Tahiti’s pineapple plantations for some fresh tastes.

The options for your vacation choices are many, and your Travel Agent can help guide you to your own personal South Pacific nirvana!

Tahiti: 118 islands…pineapple plantations, vanilla fields, calm lagoons, secluded islets, Mt. Otemanu

Fiji:  300+ islands… Garden of the Sleeping Giant, mud baths, ancient limestone caves, sunset cruises

Cook Islands: 15 islands… Northern & Southern Groups, coral atolls, volcanic peaks, and many more wonders


Ultimate Getaway

Tahiti overwater bungalow South Pacific

For the ultimate honeymoon, be pampered in a five-star, overwater bungalow.

Experience a new dimension of discovery in this palm-fringed paradise where unrivaled hospitality, experiential activities, and top-notch cuisines abound. Give yourself the gift of sheer pampering and relaxation while staying in legendary accommodations offering:

– Decadent gourmet dining, in-water dining, casual barefoot indulgence

– Glass-bottom tables, bamboo life-embracing décor, starlit romance, extraordinary sunsets

– Immaculate beaches, world-class spas, and cultural celebrations

Check in to five-star resorts in Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea that open directly onto gleaming beaches and clear blue waters. And keep a sharp eye peeled for celebs.

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Laid Back State of Mind

Settle into a gloriously slower-moving pace amid unmatched tranquility and isolation in the Cook Islands.

Create unforgettable memories while reveling in

talcum-soft sands, mingle with friendly locals, and wade in the warm waters of Aitutaki’s hypnotizing lagoon.

Explore the spray of smaller islands in the surrounding Pacific, full of rocky cliffs, sprawling coffee plantations, and remote fishing villages.


Did you know?

The origin of the word “tattoo” derives from Tahiti. Tahitians painted and decorated their bodies as a ceremonial ritual or rites of passage into adulthood.


Island Adventure

Rarotonga South Pacific

Rarotonga and the South Pacific offer water sports for you to indulge. (Credit: Riekephotos/

While the South Pacific was absolutely made for reclining on a gorgeous beach at the edge of the blue horizon, you can stir yourself for fast-moving fun throughout all three collections of islands. Put your gear on and get ready for:

– swimming, snorkeling, scuba, sailing

– deep sea fishing, kayaking, jet-skiing

– surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing

– horseback riding, hiking, biking

– tennis, golf, ATVs, zip-lining

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Rarotonga reef South Pacific

With more than 40 diving sites by Rarotonga alone, the South Pacific is one of the world’s leading diving centers.

Diver’s Corner

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, here are some popular diving sites you won’t want to miss! And look out for eels, octopuses, dolphins, and more.

Kadavu’s Great Astrolabe Reef (4th largest reef in the world)

– Rarotonga: with over 40 dive sites on the island


French Polynesian Delights

Savor Polynesian delicacies and learn about the technique of cooking in an underground oven (ahima’a). Be sure to sample the national dish, poisson cru, raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk served with vegetables.

Kava South Pacific Fiji

Experience authentic Fijian delights, like Kava, which has its own mixing ceremony.

A kava ceremony is a Fijian gathering where groups of people come together and watch the mixing and preparation of the kava roots in a large wooden communal bowl, followed by drinking and clapping.

Fijian Feast
Fiji’s exquisite feasts consists of pig, chicken, fish, shrimp, mussels, and vegetables steamed in an earth oven. Other island specialties include kokodoa, fresh fish marinated in lime juice; and palusami, meat or fish baked in banana leaves with onions, taro, and coconut milk.

Cookin’ Island-Style
Plunge into a gastronomic journey and experience authentic local flavors as you become a part of an umukai feast-a meal where a meal is wrapped in woven baskets, banana, breadfruit, or wild hibiscus leaves and cooked in an earth-covered oven (umu).  Traditional singing and dancing is usually a part of this culinary indulgence!


Say “ I Do”

Create your fairy-tale wedding with exotic backdrops and rhythmic wooden drums celebrating the art of love and never-ending happiness.


Party Time!

Papeetee draws Tahiti’s locals and visitors alike to its pulsating nightlife! Explore the late-night scene in Suva, Fiji’s capital city, where you can find bars and nightclubs, or check out Rarotonga’s organized Nightlife Tour prowls around the island, dropping you off at your hotel at the end of the evening.


Whatever your passion-be it romance, adventure, culture, or relaxation—you’ll find it waiting in the South Pacific, where loving every aspect of life exists. Your Travel Consultant will ensure your tropical escape is one you’ll never forget.


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