A Unique Paradise Stay – Riu Reggae & Riu Santa Fe

These tropical getaways are uniquely situated in paradise, while offering that RIU staple – ultimate fun. At Riu Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the kids are welcome to indulge their playful side as well, and at the adults-only Riu Reggae in Montego Bay, adults will bask in island vibes unique only to Jamaica.

Show the Kids What It Means to Have Fun at Riu Santa Fe

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While you live it up in all-inclusive paradise, the kids get to let loose at RiuLand, where they’ll be able to mingle within their age group for arts & crafts, sports, entertainment, and energy-draining activities. The animation team will fill every second with fun, with an emphasis on outdoor, physical activity to keep the kids moving and having a blast. From face-painting, singing, dance routines, treasure hunts, pool games, competitions, to hanging out with Calú – the resident turtle mascot, mythically born on the beaches of RIU (just go along with it!) – fun in the sun is always the name of the game.

Everyone in the family will be able to indulge at the restaurants ranging in cuisine from Asian, Italian, to a mouthwatering steakhouse. Plus, the Mexican food here is as authentic as it gets, and where better to enjoy it than on the shores of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula? Though all RIU Resorts will entice with its all-inclusive amenities and penchant for fun, here you’re also situated at one of the more fascinating locations, right in the heart of lush, shimmering Los Cabos, where stunning beaches converge with breathtaking views of majestic mountains tracing the sky. Several local attractions and bustling areas are also nearby, like San José del Cabo, the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, and possibly even a chance at spotting a blue whale out in its natural habitat.

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Adults will also be able to take advantage of the rejuvenating Renova Spa, offering a range of treatments and massages. Endless sports activities are also offered, and the entertainment will wow all ages. Adults looking to test out their dancing shoes will have the opportunity at the Pacha club, where resident DJs create the rhythm of the night. The resort is also eco-friendly and sustainable, so much so it has been awarded the GOLD certification from the Travelife Sustainability System. So all that beauty you see is not just for show – it’s literally preserving planet Earth!

On the Island of All Right, Feel the Rhythm with Riu Reggae



For an adults-only getaway to really let you chill out, this Montego Bay dream resort definitely sets the mood. Located beachside amidst stunning nature, this recently built (November 2016) all-inclusive haven brings idyllic surroundings into pure tropical bliss, offering free Wi-Fi, infinity pools, and a range of other amenities. An optional activities program here is also geared towards adults, filling the day with sports and entertainment. If relaxation is all you seek on the Island of All Right, that’s more than all right – the Renova Spa is equipped with a sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, and spa treatments to bring your body into new levels of pure serenity.

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Dining options range from Italian to Asian, with the Jerk Station serving up authentic Jamaican barbecue, plus a steakhouse, so all taste buds and cravings are covered. The Pacha nightclub is also featured here, so dancing the night away is a great way to wind things down. Most of all, you’ll be in the heart of a truly unique paradise – Jamaica is a stunningly fascinating island gem, with fantastic excursions. Take part in reggae parties, glide the Glistening Bay – where the bioluminescent plankton glows below the surface of the water, creating an ethereal experience – and ride on horseback across this gorgeous land. Jamaica will bring your level of chill to new heights with an equal dose of adventure, fun, exhilaration, and stunning sights.


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Whether it’s a family outing or romantic retreat to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, or an adults-only chill-fest in Montego Bay, Jamaica, your RIU experience is sure to hit the spot. Discover these paradise getaways that connect all-out fun with all-out bliss.

Together with GOGO Vacations, your local travel agent will get you and yours into these unique destinations on some of the most stunning beaches in the world.


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