Top 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong

A list of what to do and see in Hong Kong could go on endlessly. There are countless fantastic restaurants, wonderful beaches, ancient temples, and fun festivals to explore and enjoy, but somehow, we managed to narrow the list down to our 10 favorite places/things to discover in Asia’s World City.

Hong Kong Skyline


Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Originally performed as a way to ward off bad luck in the village, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance boasts a dragon, between 200 and 260 feet long, created with more than 70,000 incense sticks. Schedule your journey in late September as more than 300 people perform the dance during Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn Festival.


Duk Ling Ride

Chinese Junk Ship

The Duk Ling is an authentically restored Chinese Junk (ship), originally used for fishing and trading. Board in Tsim Shi Tsui and sail around Victoria Harbour, seeing the modern cityscape from this historic vessel. The voyage is an hour long and can be taken at night, so you can enjoy the famous Symphony of Lights.


Dai Pai Dongs

Fried Spring Roll Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an endless supply of yummy street food restaurants called Dai Pai Dongs or “restaurants with a big license plate.” The challenge here is not eating food off the street—as the food is revered as some of the best Hong Kong has to offer—it’s figuring out what to eat since the menus are often in Chinese only. Try Causeway Bay area, where the odds are greater at finding an English speaker to help you out.

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Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without taking a ride on The Peak Tram to the Sky Terrace, where you’ll find 360-degree views of the city, fine dining establishments, and world-class shopping venues. Nearby you can check out some of the city’s most expensive homes. Read more about this famous attraction in Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.


Kat Hing Wai

Hong Kong has many old walled villages created centuries ago for protection against rival clans, bandits, and even wild tigers. Kat Hing Wai is the best known of these settlements, and many descendants of the original people—including the Tang Clan—still live there today.


Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village

Move over, Venice. On Lantau Island you can take a journey back in time to visit a traditional fishing village that was built on the water and operates the same way it did hundreds of years ago.


Star Ferry

For a super low price (we’re talking less than an American dollar), you can sail on this boat before 8 p.m. and get a spectacular view of the Symphony of Lights show—a nightly light, laser, and fireworks show along the waterfront of both Hong Kong and Kowloon. You’ll also receive sweeping views of the city from Quarry Bay to Western (District).

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Lan Kwai Fong

Looking for a night out in Hong Kong? Then check out Lan Kwai Fong, a popular nightlife district with more than 90 restaurants and bars, Asian cinema, and celebrity sightings! Stop by this area during the holidays (Halloween and “WinterFest”) for fun activities, and in August, the area hosts its own beer festival!


Nathan Road

Nathan Road Hong Kong

Known as the Golden Mile in Kowloon, this thoroughfare has world-class shopping and trendy restaurants mingling with history. If you look closely, you’ll find evidence of British heritage, like Royal Mail post boxes, and don’t forget to grab Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula Hotel, one of the “Grand Old Ladies” or one of the only colonial-era hotels in Asia.


Cat Street

Cat Street Hong Kong

Bring home a piece of Chinese culture from Cat Street, a region with antique dealers, art galleries, and sellers of jade, silk, embroideries, and other authentic Chinese products.


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