Top 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaway Checklist

Rose pedals upon the bed, the soft cresting of waves, a cool drink in one hand and a warm embrace in the other – there’s nothing quite like a romantic retreat. Whether it’s your first couples getaway or your 30th anniversary celebration, your vacation should be nothing less than perfect. Use this romantic getaway checklist to treat yourself and that special someone to a getaway you’ll never forget.


A Unique Destination

castle hotelMake your getaway an adventure. Choose a destination you’ve always wanted to visit and explore. Select Europe and its close proximity for a country-hopping excursion. For an added special touch, consider a castle-stay with elegant features like a four-poster bed and mood lighting included. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, head to Mexico or the Caribbean with its warm sands, all-inclusive resorts, and immersive explorations. Enjoy new destination, a new adventure, a new experience for both you and a memory to cherish – and a great gift for a birthday or anniversary. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.


Candlelight Dinner

candlelight dinner on the beach

An oldie but goodie when it comes to romantic getaways, a private candlelight dinner lets you and your loved one reconnect and remember what started your embers. Try a new dish or taste a favorite meal, perhaps reminiscent of your first date. If you’re looking to truly wow, many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean offer a special beachfront dinner, complete with a starry sky, lanterns, and indulgent delights.

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Room with a View

Hotel_viewWhether it’s the endless sea, a sparkling city, or a snow-covered mountaintop, there’s a special quality to soaking up a view with the person you love most. Sitting in comfortable silence or sharing a glass of wine, you will enjoy each other’s company while making a memory you will never forget. Perhaps clichéd, the overwater bungalows are synonymous with honeymoons for a reason, and the endless views in Bora Bora are a sight to behold. And the great part of a room with a view generally means it comes with a private balcony, deck, or terrace, which is a perfect setting for –


Breakfast in Bed and Room Service

Breakfast in bedRoom service is underrated. Some luxury retreats offer gourmet meals served directly to your suite with white-glove service. Las Vegas is well-known for its fantastic menus, and many all-inclusive resorts feature spectacular dishes, delivered right to your suite. Also, an experience not to be overlooked is breakfast in bed, and it’s easy to arrange – by travel consultant, concierge, or a tag on your door. Lounging in bed and waking up to coffee, tea, and an assortment of delicious pastries – or a full breakfast with omelets and hash browns. Simply use one of the robes the resort hung in your closet, open the door, and enjoy.

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Award-winning Accommodations

luxury suite

Book more than a room. Book a sanctuary. Upgrade for a relaxing retreat with a hot tub, preferably on the balcony, to soak in and enjoy the quiet calm. If you want a little more room, consider a swim-up suite. These lovely categories open from your terrace or patio to either a small pool – shared by only a handful of rooms – or try a private pool for ultimate luxury. Enjoy the freedom to stretch out and relax in the privacy of your own space.


An Adults-Only Retreat

Drinks Couples RetreatSince it’s only going to be the two of you, you probably want to avoid the excitement of having the little ones around. Instead, enjoy the calm and serenity that comes from an adults-only getaway. Book either an adults-only section, which means children and teens are generally allowed in most communal areas of the resort but are restricted from certain sections, such as wings, buildings, or restaurants. Alternatively, you can book a completely adults-only resort. Your travel agent can help you choose the best ones to fit your tastes. Some allow travelers as young as 16 while others only welcome 21 years and older. Between the relaxing retreats and exciting vacation destinations – your travel agent will help you find the best resort for your couples getaway.

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Turndown Service

turndown service

Another special touch that shouldn’t be overlooked is the special turndown service. Included in most newlywed and anniversary packages, special turndown service usually includes flower petals leading from the door to the bed, chilling wine or Champagne, and petit fours. Reservations might have to be made in advance, or you might be surprised one evening when returning to your suite. It’s a lovely way to end a day exploring your chosen destination.


An Immersive Tour

Couples on a tourA relaxing getaway should be more than starry nights and quiet moments, and some of the most memorable moments come when sharing an adventure. Savor a wine-tasting journey. Take an African safari. See the breathtaking Waipoo Falls in Hawaii. Head to see the Mayan ruins, or feed your wanderlust by getting lost in a medieval city. This is an exciting and new destination, and you and your loved one can discover it together. Not sure what adventure to take? Your travel agent will help you find the perfect excursion.

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A Special Event

couplesWhile discovering a new destination, you don’t want to lose sight of the reason you’re there – celebrating the love you share with that special someone. So make sure to plan a special event for the two of you. Perhaps that’s enjoying a favorite restaurant, sharing a couples massage, or taking one of those famous long walks on the beach. You might discover a new favorite couples activity with resorts featuring a variety of experiences, like catamaran sailings and beachfront yoga. And you know who can help you arrange these events for you?


Butler Service

Butler ServiceBooking a hotel with butler service helps you to enjoy those romantic moments effortlessly. Want a glass of Champagne or need to arrange a special dinner in your suite? Perhaps you’re looking for that jacket to be pressed before heading for a romantic dinner at the resort’s exquisite restaurant. The butler can take care of that. They can also make on-site reservations, like spa treatments and meals, and make your stay comfortable by attuning your room to your vacation preferences. Some butlers will even help you unpack, so you can start your time together quicker.


Celebrate your love with the ultimate romantic retreat. Together with GOGO Vacations, your local travel agent will get you there.