How to Survive the Longest Flight in the World

Imagine being on a flight for 17 hours and 35 minutes. What do you do? Sleep? Eat? Veg? Well, you don’t have to imagine. On Feb. 1, 2016, Emirates will fly the (new) world’s longest flight from Dubai to Panama City, and we have a survival guide, not just for this flight but for any long Emirates’ in-air experience.



Ice, Ice Baby

What might shock you about Emirates’ flights—especially their new ones from Dubai to Orlando, Iran, Mali, and Bologna—is that they don’t seem long, and that’s because of ice, Emirates entertainment system that gives you information, communication, and entertainment.


– Watch the Airshow, which is a channel on your personal TV that shows the flight’s progress in real-time. It also gives you weather reports and estimated arrival time.

– Read the world’s news from BBC News, sent directly to your seatback via satellite from the news source’s website.

– Don’t have a window seat? No worries! Emirates has onboard cameras to show you unique views from the nose, the tail, and even the belly of the plane. (Don’t want to look down? Well, you can—from the safety of your seat.)


Perhaps the most alluring of the ice features, Emirates’ communication systems allows you stay in touch the 17 hours and 35 minutes you’ll be in the air. Onboard Wi-Fi, in-seat phone, cell and data roaming services—you’ll be able to relax in the air knowing everything is fine on the ground.


When flying Economy, you don’t need to worry about what will be available. You’ll have the latest Hollywood movies, Film Club classics, Bollywood, and world-class films. Enough to keep you properly entertained? Absolutely, but if you’d rather relax with your favorite songs, then Emirates offers more than 50 hours of popular music. Plus with games and popular TV shows, you might not check the Airshow at all.

First and Business classes can enjoy ice OnDemand, giving them unparalleled access to all-the-above amenities at a passenger’s whim.

Of course, you can also binge watch shows you’ve been meaning to see forever.


Food for Flight


(Credit: Sorbis /

On a 17-hour-and-35-minute flight, food is super important, too! Economy Class travelers will enjoy a wide range of complimentary drinks, including aperitifs, spirits, beers, and both red and white wines. Then, ready your stomach. Emirates serves six courses, starting with an appetizer, followed by a salad, a main course (such as grilled chicken breast with caramelized plums, served in a cranberry reduction and accompanied by mashed potatoes, baby spinach, and carrot slices), then dessert, cheese (with biscuits), and a hot beverage with chocolates.

And you were wondering why you were served an aperitif.

First Class has an added cocktail and canapés course, plus a choice of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, plus receive an international cheeseboard. (Yum!) Business Class receives bar service, soup and a bread basket, plus a dessert, cheese, and fruit course.


The traveling is at times the best part of the journey, and with the Emirates, that’s certainly true! Choose them, especially when partaking in a 17-hour-35-minute flight.


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