Sunset Locations – On The Go Magazine Extra

Burj Khalifa
Since 2010 the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest building in the world standing over 2,700 feet, almost 800 feet taller than the next closest structure. Witnessing the sunset from the observation deck some 1,400 feet in the air is truly magical. Peering out over the Emirates from that height as the sunsets warms the soul.

Sydney Harbour
The famed Sydney Harbour is filled with iconic structures like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Watching the sun descend over the harbour as the boats split through the water has to be on everyone’s bucket list, the reason why it’s on our list.

Eiffel Tower
Few structures on earth are as renowned as the Eiffel Tower. When you think of Paris the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe are the two buildings first thought of and the top of the tower is a spectacular setting to watch the sunset on the day.

Great Wall of China
No other manmade structure can be seen from space, making the Great Wall of China a must see. Travelers come from far and wide to China to see the wall and experience the grandeur the structure beholds. Standing on the ancient structure from a fallen dynasty as the sun sets over the mountains is truly a phenomenal experience.