Expert Tips for Planning 2021 Travel

As travel resumes, it’s time to start planning those much-needed getaways we all know and love. Whether it’s a Cancun vacation or a Jamaica getaway, arranging a vacation is more complicated than ever. And so the key to a stress-free trip is all about relying on our resources and using a knowledgeable travel advisor. From planning with peace of mind to knowing the guidelines and restrictions at each destination open to American visitors, here are our top tips on taking a vacation this year—straight from our experts.

Choose a destination already open to Americans

If you’re not exactly the gambling type, selecting a vacation spot that’s currently open to American travelers will save you the stress of wondering if you’re chosen destination will actually open in time. You can still plan a late 2021 (and even 2022) vacation to Europe and beyond. But there are so many great places already open to ease any worries. From several Caribbean and Mexican favorites to dream destinations like the Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean, there’s plenty to pick from to satisfy families, couples, and even groups.

Know when your travel credit expires

Whether it’s from a cruise line, an airline, or anywhere else, if you have future travel credit from a 2020 cancelled trip it’s important to know the expiration date. Some travel credits were initially good for use within one year (from booking or departure date). However, a variety of companies have extended their waivers. This means your specific credit may expire fairly soon—or it may be good until 2022. To verify your expiry date, contact your transportation company or ask your GOGO-backed travel advisor to help.

Stay updated on guidelines and restrictions

In the rapidly changing landscape, knowing the current guidelines and restrictions is essential. To best provide you with the knowledge you need, our parent company Flight Centre Travel group has gathered important resources to help you plan your perfect trip. From airport regulations to resort and hotel health enhancements, you’ll find a wealth of information in one place. Also visit the COVID-19 Travel Map, which is searchable by destination to discover up-to-date travel restrictions, such as border closures, social distancing rules, status of transportation services. In addition, you can also get daily updates on worldwide airline policies, immigration and border regulations, and international travel alerts.

Think about using travel insurance

We always recommend the purchase of travel insurance, regardless of the circumstance or destination. You never know what situations might arise, so it’s a good idea to be protected just in case. Trip delays, interruptions, or even cancellations can cause unexpected headaches and expenses. But travel insurance can help make sure you are protected for adjustments you need to overcome these situations. Some plans contain cancellation benefits and if you have a covered reason you can be reimbursed for pre-paid non-refundable expenses, like a medical emergency or loss of employment before your trip even begins. This can especially be important when traveling in 2021.


Ensure your documents are still valid

The key to a stress-free 2021 trip is all about preparation. From making sure your passport is valid and confirming your itinerary to bringing necessities like a phone charger and umbrella (just in case), we’ve created these travel checklists for planning and packing. It’s also critical to remember that some destinations require COVID-19 testing, health screenings, and/or temperature checks prior to your departure flight, upon arrival, and/or throughout your stay. Read our ultimate travel checklists to get prepared on what to bring and what needs to be done before your trip.

Plan with Peace of Mind

Having vacation flexibility is more important than ever, knowing that the unexpected can occur and that even the most certain plans can change. Our GOGO-backed advisors work with our partners to advocate on your behalf, not only providing you with the best value, but also ensuring you can book with complete confidence through our Peace of Mind initiative. This means you get to book with confidence thanks to no penalties on cancellation and/or booking changes up to 24-hours prior to the check-in date at select resorts and airlines. This incentive also includes hotels and resorts with enhanced cleaning protocols and increased health standards.

Rely on an Expert

Travel consultants are trip guides, connecting you to the world through recommendations. From destinations and all-in-one resorts, to the more specific restaurants, sightseeing options, complete vacation packages, and even trendy hotspots, a travel advisor does it all. As the world reopens for travel, it can be difficult to keep up with which areas and countries are accepting visitors, let alone the complications regarding local restrictions, travel regulations, and finding places to stay with increased safety standards. It’s enough to make you want to stay home even after months of wanting to get out! Instead of getting frustrated, let an advisor do all of the legwork for you. They can help you navigate all of the rules and solve any problems you come across either before or during your vacation.

Now that you know all of the big tips, it’s time to plan a vacation to look forward to. Start by contacting a GOGO-back travel advisor to plan your next getaway.

Please note: Travel requirements and health standards are continually changing. Visit our parent company Flight Centre Travel Group’s COVID-19 Travel Map for up-to-date information.