Merry and Bright: Christmas Spectaculars

By Susie Reese and Amazing YouTube Users

One of my family’s longstanding traditions is to drive around the neighbor and see the amazing light displays, and sometimes we venture several miles and numerous towns over to see the “famous” houses with lights coordinated to music. But these holiday shows not only celebrate the season, but they also showcase feats of modern technology and artistic design with fantastic displays of shimmering beauty.

Here are some of our favorites from around the interwebs.


Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday 3D Light Show

By Saks Fifth Avenue

Living in New Jersey, my family and I always make the trek into the city to see Rockefeller Center Tree and the Saks Fifth Avenue windows. Saks also puts on a wonderful 3D holiday show that is sparkle-rific; however, this year’s show was more geared toward New York than the holidays. So here’s last year’s fun video featuring the Saks’ Yeti!


Best of the Star Wars Music Christmas Light Show 2014

By Tom BetGeorge

Are you a Christmas light enthusiast and a Star Wars geek? Then this video was made just for you! Tom BetGeorge put his Christmas lights to the epic soundtrack, and for the Frozen fanatics, he also set his lights to “Let It Go.” (See his YouTube profile for that video.)


A Frozen Holiday Wish at Magic Kingdom Park

By DisneyParks

Whether you can’t stop watching or are sick of seeing Frozen, the “frosting” of Cinderella Castle by Elsa in this video is pretty hard to beat this season. Start the video at 1:35 to capture all the holiday delight.

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The Manning Street Christmas Music Light Show

Shared by Jeff Maxey

The video was shot by a drone over the Yucaipa, Calif.,  where the homes joined to create a festive light display. The below video is to “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey, but the community also synced their homes to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards of Winter.”


The Bath Christmas Lights Switch-On 2014 – Jolly’s Video Mapping Light Show

By Bath BID

One of the longer Christmas spectaculars, Bath, England projects a show very similar to Saks Fifth Avenue with a mix of techno, a helping of tradition, and its own brand of winter celebration.


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While we like to eat, capitalism did not play a part in the choosing of these videos. We just thought they were merry and bright.