Its ALL About Europe!

When you travel to Europe, you aren’t just exploring its famous places – you’re exploring yourself. With so many experiences spanning so many cultures across so many borders, you’ll find yourself doing things you never dreamed of – or always dreamed of… Plan it or wing it, either way, you’re going to love your own personal Europe.

It’s easy to see why Europe is a favorite vacation choice for travelers worldwide: The continent is filled with amazing architecture, outdoor adventures, stimulating art and grand performance unparalleled cuisine and shopping, compelling museums, religious and historical sites, preserved ruins, stately palaces and castles, colorful festivals, and breathtaking mountains, rivers and forests.

From the North Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic to the Adriatic, Europe is a never-ending journey – your own personal journey – with every one of its four dozen countries boasting a historical, cultural, and geographical banquet quite unlike any other continent on the planet. In fact, the biggest issue with traveling in Europe is deciding what you’re going to see and do from among the uncountable

This Europe is Your Europe

Even if you’ve already visited and seen all the top attractions of Europe, plus some of the beaten path, there’s always something new to do – indeed, it would take many lifetimes to cover it all! So it’s a good idea to personalize your first (or next) trip through this network of nations by following your own interests – the arts, food and wine, religion, history, family heritage, nature, sports, shopping – and find out what Europe holds in store for you.

You don’t have to be a foodie or sit through a seven-course meal to have a truly religious culinary experience. The pleasures of European cuisine can be as simple as:

–          Having a baguette-and-wine picnic on a park bench along the Seine.

–          Going pub-crawling in Dublin.

–          Sipping some port wine at the source in Portugal.

–          Ordering up a heaping plate of paella in Barcelona.

–          Hoisting a stein in Munich beer hall.

–          Wolfing down some Belgian waffles – in Belgium!

You can do all these things and more, because when it comes to dinning, Europe has abundant culinary traditions and local specialties that are as different from each other as Sweden is from Sicily. And although the continent overflows with Michelinstarred restaurants (especially in France and Germany), it’s the local cheese shop and the corner patisserie where you’ll engage the mouthwatering day-in/ day-out cuisine beloved by Europeans. You can get even more hard-core by enrolling in a cooking class in Tuscany or Paris!

So many much to do, so easy to get around – discover how to make Europe your own!