It’s All About Europe

It’s easy to see why Europe is a favorite vacation choice for travelers worldwide. The continent is filled with amazing architecture, outdoor adventures, stimulating art and culture, unparalleled cuisine and shopping, and colorful festivals. When you travel to Europe, you aren’t just discovering its famous places – you’re discovering yourself. With so many experiences spanning so many cultures, here’s how you can make Europe your own.

Pick a Destination

From the North Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic to the Adriatic, Europe is a never-ending journey – your own personal journey – with every one of its four dozen countries boasting a historical, cultural, and geographical banquet quite unlike any other continent on the planet. In fact, the biggest issue with traveling in Europe is deciding where you’re going to go. While you can’t go wrong with any European country, Italy is a must for couples looking for romance. Families will love the United Kingdom for its museums and tours, and Ireland for its open spaces. Visit Greece for stunning views, France for the cuisine, and Iceland for natural wonders. If you’re not sure, talk with your travel agent for expert recommendations.

Focus on Your Interests

Are you the adventurous type? Looking to indulge in local cuisine? Or do you want to do a bit of both? Europe’s vast landscapes ensure that no matter what you’re interested in, there are multiple experiences for you in Europe. Tours are a great way to explore Europe in an authentic way, alongside an expert guide. Learn the art of French cooking, stroll the courtyard of Prague castle, explore Mykonos on a Jeep safari, or enjoy a Flamenco show in Madrid. The list goes on and on.

Go On & Off the Beaten Path

There are so many historic sites to see and quintessential experiences to have in Europe. Seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up against the night sky, taking your loved one on a gondola ride through Venice, marveling at Stonehenge in England, and kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland. You won’t regret any of these traditions. Additionally, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path things to see and do that allow you to experience Europe through a local’s eye. Take a ferry ride across the blue-green Aegean Sea, sip wine in a Venetian bacaro, and take a drive into the French countryside. Even if you’ve already visited and seen all the top attractions of Europe, there’s always something new to do. Indeed, it would take many lifetimes to cover it all.

Ready to make Europe your own? Contact your travel agent to start planning your customized European vacation.