How Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Gets Its “VIBE”

IMG_5269A native of Mexico City, Pam Hernandez is no amateur when it comes to music and entertainment. Having studied audio engineering, along with music and event production in Barcelona, Hernandez has a wealth of knowledge and an extensive background ranging from experience in the service industry and certifications in Creativity & Innovation.

Her journey landed her the aspirational position of VIBE Manager at the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, where she has spent the last three years establishing the resort’s unique atmosphere and personality that guests have come to love.

Learn how Hernandez makes rockin’ experiences at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun below!


Q: What is a “VIBE Manager?”

A: As an acronym, VIBE stands for Visionary Individual Behind Energy. In action, we are in charge of curating music playlists that play throughout the hotel. We also make sure that the energy, atmosphere, and overall vibe go hand-in-hand with the decor, memorabilia, and entertainment of each location. In addition, VIBE Managers make sure that the brand´s mottos are weaved into the hotel staff’s service and interaction with our awesome guests. We also help out with cool Hard Rock branded campaigns like the Pinktober. And, most importantly, we ensure that the Hard Rock brand is represented accordingly throughout our hotels. Each Hard Rock resort has its own identity, so each VIBE Manager has his/her own tasks accordingly.

Lobby of Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Lobby of Hard Rock Hotel Cancun


Q: What is a typical day for a VIBE Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun?

A: Each day is different — that´s the only thing typical about it. Actually that´s what makes the Hard Rock brand so cool. One day I can be busy working an event where celebrity rock star chefs will cook for all of our guests, followed by planning a special surprise birthday party at the Rock Star Suite for a guest. The next day I can be ordering new fabrics for our interiors or scouting bands for entertainment, followed by training staff or hosting a property tour as I wait for world renowned DJ Steve Aoki to check-in. It’s never the same, and we always have to come up with new ideas to portray our Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle and experiences.

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Q: What are some of the perks of being a VIBE Manager?

A: You get to be creative and are supported by an amazing team at the hotel and by our brand directors over at Hard Rock corporate. You get to share the music you love, and that makes you feel amazing, with 1,500 guests a day — to draw old memories from these songs or create new ones. In addition, being responsible for growing a brand that you grew up admiring is a huge perk; not to mention being able to produce events and grow our memorabilia collection from current or classic music personalities that you dig.

Cancun Rock Star Suite - Living Area

Cancun Rock Star Suite – Living Area


Q: What are some memorable experiences you’ve had at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun?

A: Oh gosh, so many! I guess my favorite was when the award-winning band DLD came to vacation at our hotel. We had dinner and talked about our passion for music and the Hard Rock brand (they were the winners of Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City´s Battle of the Bands). Then they proceeded to let me know that they were about to record an album, and they would love to record it on the beach. I suggested, “Let´s record it here!” Fast forward a few weeks later, they recorded the album in our Rock Star Suite, and I now have the album in my hands with a personal note written to me by the band with the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Rock Star Suite appearing in the credits.


Q: What is your favorite place at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun?

A: The lounge. You can sit there, order a drink, and listen to vinyl records while you read a music-related book, all part of our collection, behind a Led Zeppelin themed curtain, surrounded by The Beatles and Prince memorabilia.

Guitar Bar

Q: Why did you decide to join the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun?

A: How could I not?! Great beach, perfect location, amazing memorabilia; I moved to Cancun from Mexico City for the sole purpose of being part of this Hard Rock team. Best decision ever.

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(026) 0684Q: How do you get into your own vibe, and do you put your own personal touch into the vibe of HRH Cancun?

A: I´ve always been passionate about this. It’s who I am, so it comes naturally to me. Then you meet the guests and hotel staff, your peers, and you just want to do more and more, go above and beyond, give them something amazing every day so they want to keep coming back to this or any of our other Hard Rock Hotels. The possibilities of creating and enjoying unique experiences that rock are endless. Every single thing you see, hear, and enjoy in this hotel has my own personal, passionate touch in one way or another — but it’s not only mine! Every staff member puts their all into it. That´s why the hotel is nearly full year-round! Everyone loves personalized and memorable service. Then add some Rock ‘n’ Roll to it — that’s the dream!


Get energized by Hernandez’s mixes at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun now, and get out of the boardroom for an epic conference in at Hard Rock!

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