Guide to Planning a Honeymoon

What better setting is there for romance with a loved one?

Your honeymoon is the one trip where you want to indulge yourself to the fullest extent. Being pampered with lavish amenities is a great way for you and your loved one embark on the married phase of your lives. Honeymoons can range from lounging out on the beach, to backpacking across a foreign land. As long as the romance is kept, and there is an abundance of alone time, honeymoons can be anything you desire. Break down the planning into these easy steps so you can focus more of your energy on the wedding.

1.Communicate- Consulting with one another, throughout the planning, is one of the most important aspects in arranging the trip. This is not just any vacation; your honeymoon should accommodate every wish that you both have.

2. Budget- Before you begin, make sure you have an idea of the budget. Since it is your honeymoon, this would be the one trip that you should spend a little extra for. However, massive debt caused by your honeymoon is not the best way to start your marriage.

A couples vacation with a brilliant view will ignite that spark, no matter the age!

3. Date of Travel- After you settle the financials, decide when and for how long you want to travel. Unless it is tropical, the time of year could heavily influence the destination. Also, decide if you want to leave the morning after your wedding or take a few days to relax before you depart. Take into consideration the amount of vacation days you have for your trip. If only a week, make sure the location is close enough where jet lag will not affect you.

4. Style of Trip- Discuss, as a couple, what activities you want to do. Remember, after all the stress leading up to the wedding you do not want to exhaust yourself on your trip.  Staying active on your honeymoon is one thing, but being more worried about your itinerary than actually enjoying the time together is another.

5. Choose a Destination- Once you decide the style of trip, start compiling a list of destinations that fits into your plans. Keep in mind, travel costs are a huge portion of the budget. Restraining your travel costs will allow for a more luxurious experience at your destination. At the same time, try and venture to an exotic location. This will make the trip that much more memorable and will take you out of your everyday lifestyle.

What could be better than a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean on a romantic getaway?

6. Consult a Travel Agent- Travel professionals will have an abundance of knowledge about the destinations you have picked, and may be able to add any that you may not have thought of. They will also be up to date on the best deals, and can inform you of any hotels offering promotions. With the internet allowing people to book directly online, you may feel you can do it yourself. However, the attention, knowledge, and flexibility a travel professional offers is unmatched and your trip will get the care it truly deserves.

7. Choose a Hotel- After your agent assembles a list of hotels that cater to your style of honeymoon. Take the time to go home and discuss with your fiancé which ones fits you best. You want to do your own research on each property. Deciding as a couple will add to your trip, as opposed to your travel agent telling you where to go. Your agent is there to assist and guide you through the process, but ultimately it will be you traveling, so you do not want to be told where to go.

8. Book Your Trip- Once you have found the property that suits you best, book! At this point, you should plan any couples activities. Most resorts with spas will have specials for couples; this will provide a relaxing, intimate setting to really unwind with your partner. Planning excursions or day trips visiting the scenery is a great way to take in the destinations culture, as well as, add excitement and romance to your trip.

9. Book Insurance- Unexpected events happen and it is always to be safe than sorry. The small extra charge is a greater alternative than loosing that trip of your dreams altogether.

10. Pack and Relax- Now that your trip is planned, all that is left for you to do is prepare to leave. Make sure that all passports and identification are up to date. Plan any shopping ahead of time. Determine if you need any new clothes or bathing suites, you will be so busy leading up to the wedding that you want the small things taken care of in advance. Unless you are leaving a few days after the wedding, pack beforehand. The last thing you want to do is wake up the day after your reception and have to pack.

Your honeymoon is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, an unforgettable experience shared as a couple. Make sure that no detail is overlooked or stone unturned; this is the kick start to wedded bliss!