Gourmet Slime: The Nickelodeon Experience at Azul Hotels

Karisma Hotels and Resorts are known for their Gourmet Inclusive® amenities and inclusions, which exceed the all-inclusive experiences. At Karisma, words like “decadent” and “exquisite” taste true at show kitchens, mojito bars, and Michelin and Zagat-rated restaurants.

But Gourmet Inclusive® isn’t just limited to meals and drinks. Karisma Hotels and Resorts create unique experiences for their guests, and the latest venture, the Nickelodeon™ Experience at Azul Hotels by Karisma, will bring SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Azul Hotels in Riviera Maya with unique family-friendly amenities and experiences to excite your little ones.

Nickelodeon Experience Azul Fives

Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma is one of the three hotels to host the Nickelodeon Experience.


From the first slime

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is one of the characters children can meet at the Nickelodeon Experience by Azul Hotels. (Credit: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock.com)

The Nickelodeon™ Experience is infused into the guests’ stay, starting moments after entering the resort with a custom kids’ check-in. Children receive a Slime smoothie plus an iPad which will stay with them throughout the entire experience with games and entertainment. At the adults’ check-in, Parents will enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne (not green colored) and a cool tower.

The experience continues with Nickelodeon Concierges to help guests make their stay slime-rrific, a Nick Toy Lending Library, and spontaneous encounters with characters. While parents can book a meet and greet with characters or bring the kids for the weekly Nickelodeon™ Orange Carpet, the characters also show up during the day for some surprise fun, such as TMNT in the pool or SpongeBob welcoming guests to dinner.

Another place for kids to meet their favorite characters is Azulitos Playhouse by Nickelodeon. This slime-tacular kids club has favorite characters, signature activities, themed water play areas, and a playground with rope climbs, jungle gyms, and teeter totters. Children will no doubt enjoy their time at the playhouse while Mom and Dad can enjoy the Gourmet Inclusive® offerings that aren’t neon orange or slime green

Yup, you read that right.

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Gourmet Slime

Since this is Karisma Hotels and Resorts, The Nickelodeon Experience, of course, offers unique dining options, including innovative and exciting food and beverages, such as the aforementioned Slime smoothie. Characters realized through tropical fruits and vegetables, unexpected colors, and imaginative dishes—while still maintaining nutritional value—is all part of the special character dining, which will feature dancing and photos with SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and the TMNT. This slime-tastic dining experience will take place at the Nickelodeon-themed restaurant on property.

Azul Resorts Collage

Gourmet Inclusive, Azul Resorts excel and exceed the all-inclusive experience.

Additional fantastic events of the Nickelodeon™ Experience are private parties. Whether guests are celebrating a birthday, celebrating a wedding, or just hosting a family get-together, a Nickelodeon Concierges can arrange an appearance of a favorite character at the event. The character will give a brief performance of their theme song and meet and greet all guests. For birthday parties, guests will also receive special decorations, food and beverage, music, and a birthday cake!


Actual slime and more

Slime Nickelodeon Experience

Adults and children will have a slime-tastic time with the Nickelodeon Experience.

Of course, there can’t be a Nickelodeon Experience without actually slime. Families can have a war of green goop with a traditional Nickelodeon sliming, but for some quiet fun, children can also enjoy Nick Kanck Packs, which come with a character blanket, a character coloring cup, and a character toy. The Fancy Nick Knack Pack adds a personalized bathrobe with the child’s name engraved upon it and a free access coupon to a character breakfast.

Azul Hotels by Karisma will welcome the Nickelodeon Experience this summer at their Riviera Maya properties—Azul Beach Hotel, Azul Sensatori Mexico, and Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma.

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Please note: Character dining, private parties, slime events, and Nick Knack Packs have additional charges. 

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