Go on Location in NYC with On Location Tours!

When my then-favorite show Burn Notice was ending its run in Miami, my family and I took a road trip down to see the famous convention center where the sets were built before riding around Coconut Grove to spy where our favorite spy hung out.

It was super difficult.

That frozen yogurt stand looks familiar? Was that in the show? How about that house? It looks like Mama Westen’s!

New York City SkylineYou don’t have to play a guessing game of favorite sites in New York City. On Location Tours brings you to the famous locations of favorite shows that were taped in the Big Apple, like Sex and the City. This hotspot tour offers a visit to the site where Carrie and Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner was held, a walk past Carrie’s famous brownstone stoop, a visit to MePa (the neighborhood where the gang frequented), and more.

A fan of Gossip Girl? Then On Location Tours will take you to Grand Central Terminal, the spot where Serena returned to the city in episode one; Vera Wang’s boutique where Blair tried on her wedding gown; the Empire Hotel which housed Chuck Bass’s newest home and business, and more!

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Central ParkBut that’s not all! On Location Tours offers the NYC TV & Movie Tour with site location from Friends, The Mindy Project, Glee, and When Harry Met Sally, plus the pub that Michael Keaton visits in Birdman and new locations from Girls, Trainwreck, Persons of Interest, and more!

Also, don’t miss out on Central Park TV and Movie Sites Tours, the Sopranos Sites Tour, the Romantic Movie Moments Tours, and even the TCM Classic Film Tour. (Classic films in this tour include Ghostbusters, Superman, You’ve Got Mail, plus the famous place like where Marilyn Monroe’s skirt flew up in The Seven Year Inch.)

So don’t wander around the city for hours looking for your favorite filming spots. Get on board with On Location Tours and enjoy an afternoon in air-conditioned comfort!