First-Class Experience in Emirates Economy

By Jen Lewallen

Emirates’ high-level of service and unmatched comfort have caught the attention of frequent flyers everywhere. They are redefining the experience on long-haul flights to exotic destinations like the Maldives, Côte d’Ivoire, and, of course, Dubai. We’ve all been amazed by their deluxe Business Class seats and private First Class suites, but Emirates wants the Economy Class passengers to feel cherished, too. Their upgraded amenities, fine dining, and world-class service will have you questioning flying Economy with any other airline.


Give me more

Emirates’ aircraft have some of the more spacious cabins in the industry, already adding to an elevated feeling of comfort. What really stands out, is the complimentary Wi-Fi that allows you to stay up-to-date on social media, research your destination, and write your latest blog post about your awesome flying experience. There’s no need for airplane mode on these flights. Their mobile phone and data roaming services permit you to stay in contact with friends and family back on the ground. Don’t worry, you can keep all of your electronic devices fully charged with the in-seat power plugs. And if you feel like giving your personal devices a break, sit back and relax by watching a movie or TV program on the ice entertainment system, offering 2,500 channels and on-demand on your own individual screen in front of you.

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Taste of the world

Emirates food offerings

Forget those little packs of peanuts. Emirates feeds their passengers impressive four-course meals. They even offer international dishes inspired by the destination you’re heading to, so you can have an authentic experience before the plane even lands. You’ll have a full menu of choices that range from those regional flavors to classic favorites, and complimentary beer, wine, spirits, and nonalcoholic beverages during your meal and throughout the rest of your flight. If you’re curious about what the flight has in store for you, the “See What’s On Your Flight” feature on allows you to enter your flight number and, closer to your departure dates, reveals the menu for your upcoming trip.

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Big perks for little flyers

Emirates understands that traveling with kids can be stressful, especially on long flights. With about four million children flying with them every year, they’ve added family-friendly amenities that will keep everyone happy. Young children will love their new furry friends in the Fly with Me Animals gang!  A lion, panda, monkey, or camel pal will not only entertain with coloring pages and activities in the kid’s magazine, but they will also teach children about the world and the destinations they are visiting in fun, interactive ways. All of the animals are also offered as different plush toys to keep kids company while on board. Older children will love the vintage inspired Fly with Me Lonely Planet rucksacks and lunch coolers, filled with age appropriate activities created to teach and inspire travel. Specialty entertainment, such as kid’s music, movies and shows, and meals and snacks ensure little ones traveling in Economy experience First Class treatment.


A five-star experience for all of their passengers has always been Emirates number one priority. With all the first-rate amenities and world-class service now available, flying in Economy Class with any other airline will never feel the same. Contact your travel agent today to find out how Emirates can create an unforgettable traveling experience from the moment you take off.