Be Epic – Travel with Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is epic and not just because the first bag flies free. Yep, you read that right. THE FIRST BAG FLIES FREE, but Air New Zealand has epic safety videos. Hobbits, watch below.

But Air New Zealand is more than THE-FIRST-BAG-FLIES-FREE and EPIC-SAFETY-VIDEOS! (Have you seen the one with Betty White?) Air New Zealand also provides epic service and seating.


Epic Service and Seating

Air New Zealand Epic Economy

Epic Economy lets you enjoy epic movies, like The Hobbit!

Epic Economy seats have a personal entertainment system with more than 150 movies and 800 TV episodes on a 9” HD touch screen. You also can take advantage of a shared in-seat power and USB connection to your favorite device (where you can watch the Betty White safety video). The ultra-comfortable new Economy seats have a slime-back design for epic spaciousness, and the sculpted upholstering provides epic comfort on those long-haul flights. And of course, your epic meals come with fresh flavors of fine New Zealand food and wine. (We did mention this is Economy class, right?)

The epic (and award-winning) Skycouch™, part of Economy seating, is great for families and can convert into a flat surface for rest and play.

Skycouch Air Zealand Epic

Skycouch(TM) has epic comfort for families!

Epic Premium Economy has even more space with a 41” pitch, 9” recline, and other numbers that are awesome for widths and armrests. The luxury leather seat lets you know this is premium seating, so really the leg rest and food supports are just icing. The upgraded menus with a premium selection of wines with each meal makes this seat epically premium, along with access to premium check-in, complimentary amenity kits, premium headphones, bottled water, and priority baggage upon arrival.

Premier Business Cabin Air New Zealand

Forget Economy as you sleep comfortably in your epic Premier Business cabin.

Forget Economy (despite how epic it is); you’re looking for epic luxury in the sky. Well, we’ve got it right here in Premier Business cabins (yes, CABINS!) with lie-flat beds, indulgent memory foam mattresses, cozy duvets, and two full-sized pillows. Experience innovative culinary creations by consulting Chef Peter Gordon, and with an ottoman, you and your loved one can share one cabin to eat. Your in-seat power is all yours (no sharing here), and because this is luxury, Air Zealand added two extra inches to your touch screen. And why not exclusive services like premium check-in, courtesy lounge entry, on-board amenity kits, premium headphones, complimentary bottled water, personalized inflight service, and priority baggage upon arrival? We said this epic luxury, right? So epic, we’re sure celebrities (like Betty White) enjoy it.

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Epic Experiences

If the way you travel is epic, you’re going to want your destination/experience to be equally as epic. How about combining Auckland and Queenstown for a one-two punch (hopefully not from a kangaroo) with a Hobbit on Express Tour and Safari of the Scenes – Wakatipu Basin with thrilling off-road adventures and breathtaking filming locations. Perhaps you’re not looking for an epic adventure but epic relaxation? Then try the Wine on Waiheke Tour, Walter Peter Evening Dining, and Queentown Wine Trail for exceptional food and savory drinks.

If you want to add even more epic-ness, worthy of Betty White herself, then tag on Melbourne or Sydney with ziplining, a bridge climb, a tour of Waitomo Caves, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Be epic! Travel with Air New Zealand down under and indulge in epic experiences! Contact your local travel agent now.

Okay, we know you want to see the epic Betty White video.


We like to eat epic meals, so this is epic but sponsored content.