Barbados: Tropical Paradise Plus Rum

By Susie Reese

Just north of Grenada, just east of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (sounds like a rock group), and just southeast of St. Lucia, is the island of Barbados, a tropical escape for couples, adventurers, business meetings, and families—pretty much everyone except sun haters. Sun haters should stay away from the 3,000 hours annual of sunshine, the warm 78-degree average, and the endless beaches.


Barbadian Beaches

What’s an island paradise without beaches? Well, Barbados couldn’t tell you. Numerous pink-sanded beaches like Pebble Beach, a tranquil oasis with serene waves for those little swimmers, and Miami Beach—not that Miami!—for sunbathing and family fun, offer incredible vistas against the rich, turquoise water. Bottom Bay is famously known for its unfathomably blue water with a shade rarely seen in nature. With windsurfing, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming along the 70 miles of sun-kissed edge, Barbados courts beach and water enthusiasts alike.

Bottom Bay Barbados ocean water

See a new shade of blue at Bottom Bay in Barbados.

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The Rum

Barbados rum punch

Try a truly authentic Barbadian drink – rum punch!

Sure, you like the sun and surf and all the awesomeness that comes with an island paradise, but what you enjoy about Barbados the most is the rum. As legend tells it, English sailors used Barbadian rum as proof of their voyage across the Atlantic, and why wouldn’t they? Mount Gay Rum is the one of the oldest distillers in the world, giving Barbados the distinct honor of being the birthplace of rum. However, what truly makes Barbados unique is the rum punch. With lime juice, syrup, Barbadian rum, and a dash of bitters—everyone has his/her personal mixture. Discover your own coaction on your Barbados escape.


Natural Wonders

Green monkey Barbados

Enjoy Barbabos natural wonders, including the exotic green monkey!

Though Barbados is better known for its palm trees and beaches, the subtropical fosters a variety of flora and fauna, best seen on a hike on one of the nature’s trails or along a coastal pathway. With wildlife reserves and exotic animals, like the green monkey, travelers are guaranteed to find some fantastic adventures.

Guests will also enjoy the two African imported Baobab Trees, one that measures 55 feet in circumference, and the abundant outdoor activities, such as 4×4 tours, botanic gardens, flower cave, and more.


Tropical Resorts

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