Air New Zealand: All That and a Couch in the Sky (Plus Lollies)

You don’t need to pay to experience Air New Zealand’s new seats. Air New Zealand brings its new seats to you! In its recent Pleased to Seat You Tour, Air Zealand showcased its new Premium Economy and Economy Skycouch in Vancouver, Toronto, New York City, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Austin, and Houston. How? On the purple and blue truck with windows, so you can see and then experience the awesome comfort of these new classes, of course.

Air New Zealand truck

Meghan Brennan, our associate editor, hopped over to Bryant Park to see this traveling Premium Economy seats when they visited New York City.

Notes Brennan, “I was really impressed! The premium economy seat was pretty comfortable — though I only sat in it for a few minutes, rather than hours — and I’d love a chance to try out the SkyCouch. Plus, the idea of showing off their seating by putting it on a truck and taking it around North America was pretty inspired.”

Premium Economy Air New Zealand


Premium Economy features 50 percent more recline than Economy, a leg rest and foot bar, in-seat power, and complimentary bottled water. Food offerings include the finest produce from New Zealand and selection of premium wines, plus a self-service refreshment bar. And with all the room, you can sit back and enjoy more than 1,700 hours of on-demand entertainment on an 8.4-inch screen with noise cancelling headphones.

Air New Zealand SkyCouch


If you want some extra room to stretch out, choose the Skycouch. Perfect for parents with young children, couples who want some extra space, or even your own private bed, the Skycouch offers a flexible space to be used to relax or as a play area for your children. It’s like having your own private couch in the sky, and it’s a perfect space for long-haul flights.

Air New Zealand Skycouch seats

Skycouch as seats

But Premium Economy and Economy Skycouch are just two of the reasons to book with Air New Zealand. Starting this December, Air New Zealand will begin flying the Boeing 777-200ER from Houston nonstop to New Zealand, but twice yearly, Judges conduct blind wine tastings to ensure the best pairings for each class. And by the numbers, Air New Zealand has:

22 New Zealand destinations.

5 Gateways with nonstop flights.

And 8 Aussie destinations with one stop.Air New Zealand truck

Oh, and did we mention the friendly Kiwi crew and the lollies. You can never forget the lollies!


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