4 Caribbean Creature Encounters You Have To Sea to Believe

By Jen Lewallen

The ocean is a wondrous place filled with otherworldly critters just waiting to be discovered. Here is your chance to become a part of their world. The Caribbean’s warm, clear waters make it the perfect spot for aspiring Jacques Cousteau’s to share a swim with some unique and amazing creatures.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman

Family at Stingray City

Out in the North Sound off Grand Cayman lies a sandbar with a peculiar meeting taking place. Adventurers and stingrays alike flock to Stingray City to mingle with each other in the crystal clear, three-foot deep waters. You’ll be amazed to find these creatures are quite friendly; they love swimming up to greet visitors, and will even let you hold them (gently) and are content to hang out in your arms for as long as you’ll have them.

Swim with the Whale Sharks, Cancun

Swimming with Whale Sharks

The idea of swimming with sharks or whales might seem a little intimidating. Take the notion of swimming with a shark the size of a whale and that feeling might increase tenfold. But from June-September, bold Cancun visitors venture out into the Gulf of Mexico to swim with Whale Sharks that are migrating during that time of year. There is no need to worry when you’re in the water with these gentle giants. Their preferred diet consists of microscopic plankton, and they have no problem sharing a swim with you!

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Marinarium, Punta Cana

Nurse Sharks

As one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches to match, Punta Cana is the place to go to try snorkeling. For a variety of curious creatures, take an excursion to the Marinarium Marine Park. Not only will you swim over picturesque reefs—home to thousands of colorful fish—but you’ll have the chance to socialize with sweet stingrays and friendly nurse sharks.

Swim with the Dolphins, The Bahamas

Swim with Dolphins

It seems like all beach destinations offer the opportunity to swim with these favored marine mammals, but The Bahamas has to be one of the top spots for this experience. Thanks to their close proximity to Florida, these islands are perfect for quick Caribbean getaways, and for close encounters with dolphins. Expert trainers will showcase the intelligence of these animals, but we’re willing to bet your favorite part will be gliding through the water at impressive speeds while you hold their dorsal fin or while they’re pushing your feet.

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