ICYMI: Southwest knows wider is better; Ecuador punks its own people; and Cancun or Chernobyl?

You’ve had a busy week, so we compiled the most interesting, informative, funny, or downright odd travel stories you may have missed into one post!


Southwest knows wider is better.

Southwest Airliens new seats

Southwest is the launch Customer for the new seats represented here on the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

In a world where economy seating is losing every luxury, like seating assignments, complimentary food, and space, Southwest is looking to reverse the trend. On the new Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX aircrafts, due for delivery in mid-2016 and 2017 respectively, the airline ordered wider seats with an adjustable headrest, increased legroom, and more storage area.


My editor Phil says he will change the airline he flies as a “show of support” to Southwest and its new economy comfort.


Will this have any bearing the airline you choose? Let us know in the comments, and discover just how much room you’ll be getting back with Southwest’s new economy in Southwest Airlines Gives Passengers Room to Breathe with Wider Seats.


But wait! Airbus doesn’t agree with Southwest.

You’ve seen the configuration of 2-4-2 seating on international flights. Well, what do you think about 3-5-3? Sorry to dampen that hopeful glow of better economy seating, but Airbus is looking into A380 planes with 11 seats across instead of the industry 10. Though Emirates has pulled its initial support of this new configuration, Airbus said the new arrangement will be available as early as 2017.

Airbus promises to do this without sacrificing the 18-inch wide seat, but then how it will make room for the extra space? You won’t be happy with the answer in Airbus Flirting With 11 Seats Across on A380.


There has never been a better reason to use a travel agent than this.

Ecuador is pretty...

This is Ecuador? It does resemble Costa Rica.

I’m still not quite sure how this scheme worked, but the Ecuadorian government tricked 40 of its citizens into believing they had traveled to Costa Rica when they had, in fact, not left Ecuador. From fake traffic signs to license plates to forged immigration documentation, the con was very elaborate. (I guessed they used fake money, too?)

However, this is another reason why travel agents rule. Travel agents make sure their clients are booked to the correct destination, so if someone wants to see Costa Rica, they see Costa Rica, not the Florida coast.

How did Costa Rica find out about this prank, and what did they have say about it? Check out Ecuador Tricks Tourists Into Thinking They’re in Costa Rica (Seriously).

(I wonder if this con would work in Canada; instead of flying Canadians to Paris, guests fly to Montreal. Would the government have to erect a fake Eiffel Tower?)


Port Canaveral is getting more than an increased percentage of Carnival guests.

In case you’ve missed it (which is why we have this blog), Port Canaveral is expanding in a major way with 60,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and entertainment space, plus adding a 200-room, full-service hotel. The expansion is still not scheduled to open for another year and a half, but the area, dubbed the “Port Canaveral Cove,” will be a “seaside village” with a “coastal casual feel,” including a mix of domestic and international businesses. According to Port Canaveral Chief Executive Office John Walsh, the retail space will most likely have high-end clothing stores, a jewelry shop, a brew pub, ethnic food, and an ice cream shop.

So what else will be included in the Cove? Find out in Buzz building for Port Canaveral Cove expansion.


Cancun or Chernobyl?

You wouldn’t think the site of a 1980s nuclear disaster would become a tourist destinations, but that’s just what Anita Isalska of CNN is reporting. After 30 years locked away from civilization, the city of Pripyat is welcoming back visitors, who venture on a two-hour transfer, wear a radiation body scanner, and are advised not to touch anything, including the ground.

But the city outside of the former nuclear power plant is rapidly increasing in popularity with guests wanting to see the well-known, overgrown Ferris wheel, the still working church, and the vibrant wildlife, which has returned to the area.

chernobyl Ferris Wheel

Creepy…or intriguing? Chernobyl, 30 years later.

What else can guests see at Chernobyl, and how dangerous is the site? Read It’s hot: Chernobyl now a tourist zone, and discover what the meltdown let behind.


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