Something Awesome: 5 Extreme Weddings for Extreme Couples

By Susie Reese

You want your wedding to be uniquely “you” – your style, your flavors, your touches. But weddings are amazingly stringent on tradition: white dress, limos, church or city hall, DJ or band, and cake. Other than a few differences, most weddings are the same-old, cookie-cutter ideas. After all, wedding on the beach? Even that’s become cliché! So how about adding a splash of awesome with an extreme wedding?

Something Old

Grand Canyon Helicopter Arizona

Your wedding will be grand at the Grand Canyon!

How about 5-6 million years old? Then allow the Grand Canyon to photobomb every single one of your wedding pictures. Say your vows with your loved one at the edge of one of the many picturesque cliffs, or take a helicopter from Las Vegas, fly with a minister, and land at the Grand Canyon to pledge your love. With a bouquet, boutonniere, wedding cake, and champagne included, you’ll have the trimming of a traditional wedding but with an unforgettable twist.


Something New

Pirate bride themed wedding

Pirate wedding, anyone?

Nothing says “awesome” like a themed wedding, and though the concept isn’t new, your twist on the timeless idea will be. ARGH! Have a pirate-themed wedding at sea, or steampunk it with vintage colors, a Victorian setting, and black boots under that fluffy dress. Superhero weddings are all the rage now, and though we don’t support a “red wedding,” per se, we hear you, Game of Thrones nerds. You are the king and queen on your wedding day, so don’t forget your crowns, cloaks, and thrones.



Something Borrowed

Diving SCUBA wedding themed

Dive into your marriage with an underwater ceremony!

Who needs a white dress and tuxedo? Instead, head to Sydney and borrow blue and gray jumpsuits from BridgeClimb as you say your vows atop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you and your loved one absolutely must don the traditional white dress and tuxedo, then travel to Cabo for an underwater wedding. Nautilus Dive Tech has created a lovely wedding spot near the arch, and the bride and groom can wear their wedding gear over their swimsuits.


Something Blue

Skydiving wedding ultimate plunge themed wedding

Take the ultimate plunge with a skydiving wedding!

Choose the sky as your something blue with the ultimate plunge – a skydiving wedding! A staple in Las Vegas, a skydiving wedding can take place on the ground before you head up, on the plane with a “Skydiving Preacher,” with Vegas Extreme Skydiving, or at the drop zone after a successful jump. Packages typically include a video of your jump, a champagne toast, and a post-jump celebration.


Wedding tips travel tips penny in your shoe sixpence

American brides, use a penny!

And a silver sixpence in her shoe!

If you don’t know what a sixpence is, then obviously you didn’t get tuppence when they were for sale, but this tradition has been modified somewhat for American brides. Many slip a penny in their shoe, but we suggest going to the extreme. Go for a 50-dollar bill. It won’t clunk around like a coin will, and with all the greetings, dances, and speeches, you might still be hungry after the reception, and that $50 will come in real handy when you need a quick fix (and you’ll want to splurge on your wedding night)!