Private Island Hotels – On The Go Magazine Extra

Enjoy a gorgeous sunset while dining on this secluded island.

The Sarojin
Located near Phuket in Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand the Sarojin is a spectacular resort that will meet any traveler’s luxurious standards. While the resort is located on the mainland, it owns and operates a spectacular private island off the coast. Because of the islands low elevation the private island can only be utilized during periods of low tide. There are no rooms or structures on the island, but guests can enjoy private dinners with the utmost seclusion. A private boat will take travelers from the resort and sail them across the pristine waters to a magnificent sandy island equipped with everything one would need during a meal. Expert waiters will professionally serve delicious meals in a setting that won’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Relax on this private island beach during a Sandals stay.


Sandals Whitehouse
Travelers looking for unparalleled seclusion will thoroughly enjoy Sandals Whitehouse. Located on the Jamaica’s southern shore, this Sandals property is approximately two hours from Montego Bay Airport. After stepping of the plane a hotel transfer will transport travelers over Jamaica’s foliage covered mountains, providing illustrious views of some of Jamaica’s most tucked away places. Similarly to the Sarojin, Sandals Whitehouse is set on the mainland, but the resort operates an island about a mile offshore perfect to further the seclusion. Unlike the Sarojin, the man-made island can be accessed at anytime, giving travelers an option throughout the day. Whether guests want to enjoy a meal or relax on the island’s beaches, this versatile island has something for all.