Back-Roads Touring – On The Go Extra

Southern Ireland is a picturesque, foliage covered destination. Its rolling hills and coastal cliffs offer some of the world’s most beautiful views. Travelers looking to experience this region in Back-Road’s Corners of Southern Ireland Tour are guaranteed to come away with an abundance of vivid memories and a wealth of information. This tour suites anyone looking to break away from the touristy norms and experience the true flavor of Ireland.

Towering cliffs offer an ideal location for any picture and provide gorgeous views for miles.

“To be honest this would suite anyone who wants to explore southern Ireland in more depth and away from the tourist crowd,” stated Anna King, Product Manager at Back-Roads Touring.

One of the best aspects of this tour, and any Back-Roads tour for that matter, is the fact that the group sizes are small and intimate, with a limit of 15 travelers. This allows for one-on-one face time the tour guide, giving travelers a chance to have all their questions answered. No one will ever feel like they are white noise.

Another perk of the group’s size is that sometimes a large mass of tourists can be a turn-off for locals. People become overwhelmed and keep any interaction limited. Yet, with the smaller groups you are disguised and therefore more approachable. It wouldn’t be uncommon to strike up a conversation or share some stories at a local bar.

“That’s something that I don’t think you can do if you are in a large coach of 50 people,” King stated. “You certainly couldn’t interact with locals the way our groups can.”

Every Back-Roads tour is constructed so that all clients feel comfortable and are never overwhelmed by the travel. There will never be periods where the travel time between stops makes the experience less than enjoyable.

“The longest that we ever drive without stopping is two hours, but generally we design all of our itineraries, not just this one, where we stop every hour, hour and a half so people can stretch their legs out the vehicle,” King stated. “Sometimes it’s just a quick coffee stop or a photo stop.”

The length of time spent at each stop differs from each other, depending on the activities at the destination. Some cities, like Dublin, require a few days where other stops can be explored in minutes.

“Each place is different. Some are tiny towns or villages so you won’t need more than 20 minutes,” King said. “Some are larger cities where we give them a few hours. It really depends on where it is on the itinerary.”

The Gap of Dunloe, part of the Ring of Kerry, near Kilkenny, is one of the many views travelers will experience on the Corners of Southern Ireland Tour!

Always making travelers feel a part of the culture, sleeping arrangements are picked with the greatest of care, so that clients can get the most out of the trip.

“We tend to pick what we deem as charming accommodation. The places tend to be smaller and most of the time,” King said. “Most of the criteria that I look at are the locations, whether they have any historical or architectural heritage and I have also started to look at if they have local ingredients in the food. So the clients, even if its breakfast, are feeling like they are in that local community.”