Ashley Colburn and “Paradise Found” – On The Go Magazine Extra

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Ashley lounging out on a hammock while filming Paradise Found

Exposed to traveling at an early age Ashley Colburn looked forward to her family’s adventures, but for the most part they took place within the United States. As she got older and traveled outside the country she fell in love with the whole experience.

Now traveling is her passion and with her own production company she travels around so much people always ask her where do you go for vacation? Do you just stay home? The answer is easy for her, its more traveling!

“Well it’s funny, because obviously I travel so much now that a lot of people do wonder what I would choose to do if I’m not filming and go on an actual vacation,” Colburn stated. “I would say that I would return to places where I enjoy the people the most.”

Ashley sitting on the beach ready to shoot her next scene

Her long travel resume has cultivated countless relationships worldwide, providing Colburn a network of people that she calls friends; people she can visit and catch up with as she travels.

“I will say that in every country that I travel to I have networked so much that I now feel I can go anywhere in the world and I am always welcomed and feel that I have friend there who I can visit.”

With GOGO Vacations and Paradise Found her travel resume continues to grow. She has now filmed in 28 different countries, mainly in Europe, but with “Paradise Found” she recently wrapped up filming in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Aruba.

“We filmed around 12 hour days, just going around to different activities, we had all of our interviews set, we had all out entertainment set up at different times,” Colburn stated. “We basically spent one day at each resort and filmed it from top to bottom.”