Stunning Sunsets in Mexico

Mexico is vibrant, colorful, and unique, so naturally its sunsets are nothing short of breathtaking. With a seemingly endless amount of shoreline, there isn’t a bad spot to view this spectacular evening event. Here are the top five Mexico destinations to say goodnight to the sun. Just don’t forget to bring your camera.




Sunsets and beaches go hand in hand, and Cancun boasts some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. Soft, pearl-white sand provides a cushioned front-row seat to a brilliant display of fiery red, burnt orange, cool baby blue, and vivid pink. And you can almost hear the sun sizzle as it dips into crystal clear water along the horizon.

If the seaside isn’t your thing, you can capture screensaver-worthy pictures of dusk at the La Isla Mall boardwalk. The rooftop bars offer excellent vantage points as well.


Los Cabos

Los Cabos has quietly evolved from a sleepy fishing village overlooking the Sea of Cortez into one of the most popular resort areas in Mexico, thanks to its dry climate, abundant sunshine, striking landscape, glittering beaches, and sapphire seas.

Take a boat ride to El Arco, a dramatic rock formation at Land’s End, where you can view sundown through a majestic archway. As the orange-gold colors stretch across the sky, soft rays complement every inch of the natural stone.




Like Cancun and Los Cabos, some of Tulum’s best sunset spots include heavenly beaches. But if you’d rather share a romantic meal or a few cocktails with your special someone, head over to Mateo’s Mexican Bar and Grill. This local favorite has a two-level platform at the back of the restaurant, so you can admire the day’s glorious farewell while munching on fresh fish tacos and overlooking a lush jungle.

Tulum has rich Mayan history, and its ancient name was Zama, meaning “place of the dawning sun.” So, be sure to catch a few sunrises as well.

Riviera Maya


Riviera Maya

If Riviera Maya were a giant party, the sun would be the guest of honor. Every Sunday, flocks of eager vacationers head over to Green Demon Beach Club to worship the final moments before twilight. By the time the sky turns orange and red, happy travelers of all ages are grooving to a zesty live reggae band. The glint of warm gold peeks through swaying palms as bartenders serve frosted citrusy goodness.

Be sure to attend one of Green Demon Beach Club’s full moon gatherings. These happening parties last until midnight, and you get two gorgeous displays for the price of one.


Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most versatile vacation destinations, and it has an epic sundown to boot. You can admire dusk on golden-sand beaches or enjoy panoramic views on a stunning palm-covered mountain. Wait for the stars while strolling on the iconic Malecón boardwalk before immersing yourself into the vibrant nightlife. Enjoy a dreamy horseback ride against an amber and magenta backdrop—the choices are infinite.

No matter which area of Mexico you’re visiting, make time for a sunset or two. You don’t want to miss the perfect ending to a day in paradise. Ready to plan your Mexico vacation? Contact your local travel advisor to get started.