Explore Beyond the Shore

When you think about Mexico, Jamaica, and Barbados, the first thing to come to mind is inevitably their stunning beaches. But there is a whole world of activities that go beyond the beach at these amazing tropical destinations.



Coba Mayan Encounter

Experience the richness of the Mayan world. Explore the ruins of Coba and climb Chimuch, the tallest pyramid in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Visit a Mayan village and participate in the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage. Soar on a zip-line above the jungle and make a thrilling rappel before paddling on a lagoon of amazing beauty. Finish the day by cooling off in the age-old cenotes.

Explore Los Cabos Full Tour

This tour begins with a trip to the glass factory, where you can observe and learn about the art of glass blowing. At La Marina in Cabo San Lucas, board a glass-bottom boat for a cruise around the beautiful bay, including the famous El Arco. Back on land, explore Cabo San Lucas’ downtown and enjoy some shopping time. In San Jose del Cabo, visit art galleries and check out amazing architecture such as the old church.



Spirit of Reggae

The legend of Bob Marley comes alive as you walk through the village of Nine Miles, his birth and final resting place. Feel the spirit of “The King of Reggae Music” as you are expertly guided through the very house that he lived in as a young boy. Gain first-hand knowledge of the life and times of this great musician from people who lived there with him. Learn about his culture, his passion, and the unique religion of Rastafarianism that made him the man he was.

Rose Hall Great House Tour

Built in the 1770s, Rose Hall Great House is a stunning example of Georgian architecture. It offers panoramic views of the coastline and is furnished with European antiques and a mahogany staircase that leads to its most infamous room, Annie Palmer’s bedroom. Explore the beautiful restored Rose Hall Great House and maybe even catch a glimpse of the White Witch, who ruled her plantation with an iron fist.


Cave and Critters

Get ready for a true adventure to see the amazing sights of Barbados above and below ground. Visit Harrison’s Cave, where you’ll take a train through one of the world’s most beautiful enclaves. Proceed to the wildlife reserve for a chance to see Barbados’ famous Green Monkeys. Next, head to Farley Hill National Park, where the kids can play while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Jeep Discovery Safari

Explore the best of Barbados during this guided half-day Jeep safari, traveling through sugar estates and villages to the Bathsheba shoreline, where you can capture nature’s amazing wonders at a stunning photo stop. Enjoy a scenic drive through the Bajan landscape. OK – you’ll end up at the beach, but it will act more as a relaxing conclusion to a great adventure. Relax, go swimming, and enjoy a meal before heading back.

Though these tropical destinations boast some of the best beaches in the world, there’s also a world of discoveries inland. Next time you’re in paradise, explore beyond the beach. Contact your travel agent today to get started.