5 Biggest Reasons We Need Travel

Since the moment we could, humans have dedicated ourselves to the art of exploration. From landing on new islands to tasting new cuisines, the simple yet remarkable act of discovery is part of what makes life amazing. And travel plays an integral part in that. Which is why, when we cannot embark on new adventures, we begin to reminisce about all of the many reasons we love—and even need—to travel. These are five that top our list:


We Love to Learn

Travel and knowledge are effortlessly intertwined. And it’s a testament to the power of real-world experiences that we simply can’t find in a book. When people travel we crave…

  • Immersing ourselves in a new culture.
  • Trying tantalizing new foods not found at home.
  • Exploring ruins, castles, and more that make history come alive.
  • Socializing with the residents for a truly local perspective.
  • Expanding our mindset, attitude, and view of the world.


We Want to Connect

Meeting the locals isn’t the only way we make connections on vacation. When we put the people in our lives in a new place far from home, magic can happen. Away from everyday life we love…

  • Making cherished family memories with our kids.
  • Seeing our parents and other relatives in a whole new light.
  • Sparking some extra romance with our partners.
  • Whisking friends away to adventures unknown.
  • Finding connection with ourselves away from the daily grind.


We Cherish Celebrations

Commemorating occasions can be even more amazing when we’re destination bound. From magical weddings to smaller life events, we love feeling festive when we travel through…

  • Holding (or attending) decadent destination weddings.
  • Sequestering ourselves away on a romantic honeymoon.
  • Making an anniversary one to remember.
  • Gathering the family for a fun-filled reunion.
  • Lauding special moments, from promotions to pregnancy.


We Wish for Renewal

Work, taxes, endless loads of laundry… adult responsibilities are enough to make us long to be kids again. This makes vacation time not a want, but a need. From spa trips to island retreats we love…

  • Taking time to let the mind wander.
  • Escaping from life’s daily stresses
  • Indulging in room service, massages, and other crave-worthy luxuries.
  • Finding gratitude in our own lives.
  • Feeling rejuvenated to tackle everything waiting back home.


We Experience New Things

Along with learning, travel brings the all important element of experiencing. The very notion of discovery is such a powerful force in our lives and changes us for the better. This includes…

  • Exploring the unknown (like some options below).
  • Setting forth on a far off exotic adventure.
  • Challenging ourselves in new and unusual ways.
  • Building confidence to take back to our regular lives.

Some ideas to try…

  • Snorkel in a coral reef.
  • Drive on the other side of the road.
  • Hike up a volcano.
  • Zip-line over the rainforest.

If you’re yearning to travel again—whether it’s a large group, long-haul adventure, or luxury beach retreat slated for this winter or next year, contact your GOGO-backed travel advisor for the best vacation deals. Together, we curate personalized vacation experiences you’ll remember forever. And for up-to-date information on these or any other destinations, visit our parent company Flight Centre Travel Group’s COVID-19 Travel Map.