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What you need to know about the “winter” storm

Spring is on the way for the Northeast, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. A “winter” storm is currently headed for the mid-Atlantic states, and below, you’ll find what…

Summer Stops JetBlue Travel Talk

Travel Talk Round-Up April-June 2015

By Susie Reese Everything you need to know about new flights, hotel and resort openings, and cruise experiences.   Properties Palace Resorts postponed the February opening of Moon Palace Jamaica…

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Events

Mark Your Calendars with Awesome Events in April, May, and June!

Complied by Susie Reese Spring is the time for parties, festivals, and conventions, and April, May, and June heat up with an awesome set of events in the U.S., Canada,…


GOGO and Olympus Tours Give Back

By Susie Reese For a travel company, social responsibility is a key element of corporate policy, not just in the country of origin but also in the country of leisure….

Sapporo Snow Festival ICYMI

ICYMI: Complain to the front desk robots; Disney teases Star Wars future; and be a part of the in-crowd at airports

By Susie Reese You’ve had a busy week, so we complied the most interesting, funny, or downright odd travel stories from these past seven days in one post! The age…


ICYMI: The Magic 8 Ball for airfare is here; you should still lock your doors in Tokyo; and SkyMall closes.

By Susie Reese   The Magic 8 Ball for airfares is here! Remember those Magic 8 Balls you could shake, and they’d answer questions about your future? Now there’s an…


What you need to know about Winter Storm Juno

Complied by Susie Reese Updated: 7:05 p.m., Jan. 26, 2015 Latest Developments – JetBlue released this statement: on BlueTales “For customers still currently scheduled to fly Monday or Tuesday, we’re…


West Coast Update: Pineapple Express Pounds California

By Susie Reese Caused by a stream of tropical moisture called the Pineapple Express, one of the worst storms to hit the west coast in years battered San Francisco yesterday,…


London Airspace Restricted Until Further Notice

Updated: 12/12/14 2:12 p.m. The Federal Aviation Administration said it sees no impact so far for U.S. flights bound for London. The city has told the FAA that the situation…